Culligan Water Softener Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Culligan water softener review

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient water softener for your home? Look no further than a Culligan water softener! For over 80 years, Culligan has provided top-notch water softening systems by providing soft, high-quality water. In this article, you’ll explore the Culligan water softener review.

The Culligan water softener is the perfect choice for your home with the latest advancements in water-softening technology. Its simple design and easy-to-use features make it the ideal product for anyone looking for a hassle-free solution to their hard water problems. 

In this Culligan water softener review, I will discuss how this product works, its benefits, and why it’s the perfect solution for your home.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Benefits

Most Culligan water softeners operate through an ion exchange process, which uses salt to remove minerals from the water that likely cause limescale. Thus, they supply soft water to different parts of the home.

Despite its shortcomings, a salt-based water softening system is a reliable technology. The expertise and fixing components are easy to find if one ever needs to repair it.

Numerous Culligan items come with their exclusive smart technology, which keeps track of the water volume and quality. It then adjusts the softener’s function to ensure its operation effectively, guaranteeing that water flow is softened to an optimal level.

Culligan water conditioning systems come with “Dial-a-Soft” valves that allow users to vary the soft water degree to meet their requirements.

Culligan Water Softener Review: How They Work

A frequent approach used in water softener systems is ion exchange. Most Culligan water softener units use this method to remove hard water.

As the water moves through the softener, loosely attached calcium & magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions (provided by the salt solution), eliminating any minerals that can cause scaling in the water supply.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Reasons To Buy Culligan

Here are the reasons to buy Culligan water softener: 

  • Proportional brining – Certain systems offer the capacity for selective resin regeneration so that only the depleted area of the resin bed will regenerate, resulting in diminished salt usage.
  • Convenient – When you buy a high-tech brine tank, it automatically tracks the salt level and informs you of how many days of salt are left.
  • Automated solution – When you buy a Culligan softener, the process includes connecting the equipment, configuring the settings, attending to regular upkeep, and preparing for possible repairs. Specific systems transmit notifications regarding service requirements to your Culligan specialist directly.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – Although it’s not a great deal, you can take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee from Culligan. If you are unhappy with the softener, they will come and pick it up and refund the amount you paid for it.
  • Regenerate when required – Culligan softeners track how much water you use and regenerate only when needed. This not only helps you save money but also conserves water and salt.
  • Soften with filter Culligan water softeners can also be used for filtration of drinking water. The HE Softener-Cleer eliminates sulfur, iron, and bad odors from the water. The HE Municipal Water Conditioner is highly successful in removing chlorine and other pollutants that may be present in tap water, such as pesticides.
  • Tested & certified – The Water Quality Association (WQA) has confirmed that all Culligan softeners meet the criteria of NSF Standards 44 and 372, as well as CSA Standard B483.1, which guarantees an effective decrease in calcium and magnesium, barium, and radium 226/228. Certain models also come with additional authorizations.
  • Many payment plans – Culligan provides a range of payment plans, including the possibility to buy, rent, or finance your purchase.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Customer Service

Although Culligan is a reputable brand, their customer service usually needs to improve.

A swift exploration of Culligan reviews on Google yields many grievances, from the expensive installation and repair cost, issues with recently acquired apparatus not being supported by a guarantee, and secret charges.

Since most consumers will turn to Google when looking into a product, it is not a positive indication.

As a recognized leader in the water purification sector, I am writing my Culligan Water Softener Review to provide an impartial analysis of their products so you can make a wise decision before you make a purchase.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Pros

Before I discuss the advantages of Culligan water softener systems, it is essential to understand that these benefits are not exclusive to this brand.

Get a water softener with all the pros and none of the drawbacks associated with a Culligan item.

  • Efficient performance – Certain Culligan systems regenerate the resin based on the hardness levels in the water, thereby reducing the amount of salt usage.
  • Convenient & no-maintenance – With a Culligan system, you don’t have to worry about upkeep since your nearby Culligan water expert will take care of everything – from putting it in place to delivering salt and maintaining the appliance.
  • Water filter benefits – Certain models of Culligan softeners can purify the water, eliminate or decrease the presence of pollutants, and soften the water. It is possible to pair a Culligan water filter with a water conditioner or softener, resulting in access to filtered and softened H2O.
  • Demand regeneration – The Culligan water softener system performs regeneration cycles only when necessary, taking into account the amount of water used. This reduces the need for salt and water, hence, saving money.
  • Certified products – The quality of Culligan systems is guaranteed by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to meet the standards set by NSF, giving you the assurance that you have purchased a dependable water softener given the nod of approval by a third party.
  • Multiple payment plans – It is possible to purchase a Culligan system by either financing it, renting it, or paying for it in full.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – When you invest in a Culligan home water treatment system, you have the advantage of a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with the performance of your softener, you will be able to receive a full refund within the initial four weeks of use.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Cons

Here are the cons of Culligan water softeners: 

  • Poor customer service – Culligan’s follow-up care and assistance and the customer service team that handles these requests for repairs, advice, and upkeep have been the subject of criticism.
  • Complex – As technology has grown, Culligan has incorporated increasingly sophisticated systems into their water softener products. Faults cannot be diagnosed without a Culligan engineer’s assistance.
  • Hard to repair & maintain – Culligan systems are complicated for even a competent DIYer to identify faults & undertake repairs. The complexity of even simple upkeep makes it necessary for clients to purchase service contracts, which adds expense for a Culligan water softener.
  • Not DIY friendly – Culligan softeners are complicated and not DIY friendly. So, installation costs must be added to the purchase price of the Culligan system.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Top Culligan Water Softeners

Here are the top Culligan water softeners: 

1. Culligan High-Efficiency (HE)

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient water softener for your home? Look no further than a Culligan water softener! For over 80 years, Culligan has provided top-notch water softening systems by providing soft, high-quality water. In this article, you’ll explore the Culligan water softener review.

The advanced technology in Culligan’s high-efficiency water softener system can accurately detect the amount of soft water being used and will modify its function so that it won’t soften more water than necessary.

Culligan’s technology gives the user the power to control the softness of their water, allowing them to avoid the slimy, soapy sensation that often comes with softened water.

This Culligan water softener will transmit data to your Culligan Man, so you don’t need to set up maintenance appointments. The water softener calculates when it requires servicing based on the amount of water you use and will then contact you to organize a convenient time for the visit.

An advantageous low salt alert light notifies you when there is a lack of salt in the water softener system, allowing you ample opportunity to replenish the reservoir.

The Culligan High-Efficiency collection is a useful solution to the house’s hard water issue. Yet, other more dependable options at a more attractive cost are available in the market.

2. Culligan High-Efficiency Twin Tank & Progressive Flow


The Culligan High-Efficiency Twin Tank with Progressive Flow water conditioner addresses the requirement for water softeners in more substantial houses and light commercial environments.

This Culligan water softener has a greater capacity than single-tank models due to its double-tank system. It is perfect for bigger residences. In addition, its smart sensor, integrated into the water softener, adjusts the softening process as it monitors the hardness degree of the flowing water.

The two tanks in these Culligan water softeners allow a constant, uninterrupted output of softened water. The integrated Smart Technology can anticipate when the water conditioner will exhaust its salt supply and provide precise information on water flow rate, salt utilization, and water hardness.

Culligan water softeners are enhanced with a user control called Dial-A-Soft, which permits users to modify the system to their desired water quality and comfort.

3. Culligan Gold Series


Culligan Gold Series water softeners come in four distinct sizes, making them suitable for houses of all sizes, from tiny to sprawling.

In the same way as the High-Efficiency series, these Culligan water softeners employ Demand Initiated Regeneration, which means that the regeneration process is only started when the system’s water usage has reached a specific limit. This minimizes salt & water use, saving the homeowner money.

The High-Efficiency Culligan, water softener range has various similarities with the Gold Series models. Notably, this NSF-certified model has a sophisticated control valve fitted to the exit. This valve enables the softener to adjust the water pressure from the softener to the residence.

Suppose a water softener is set up in a more old-fashioned house. In that case, this can be beneficial to protect any weaker sections of the plumbing from being compromised by the water supplied by the Culligan product.

The Culligan Gold Series of water softeners can be highly effective in providing water to many bathrooms simultaneously, with a flow rate ranging from 9 to 10.6 GPM, depending on the chosen model.

The grain-softening capacity of these Culligan water softeners ranges from 30,000 to 90,000, and they can store up to 600 lb of salt, which should be enough for a lengthy period, even when used in a large house.

Culligan Water Softener Review: Cost

Purchasing and installing a Culligan water softening system in your residence is only viable for some, as it is quite costly. Nevertheless, Culligan is willing to offer some payment choices that can be selected without any concerns.

Culligan provides various rental plans if you’re looking for an economical option for a water softener. In addition, Culligan has some rental options if you wish to avoid investing heavily in a water softener.

You should allocate a considerable amount of money to purchase the system. On the other hand, if you do not have the financial resources to make the purchase, consider renting it temporarily.

With Culligan, you can always find a cost-effective solution. Get in touch with their team of professionals or a sales representative.

Best Culligan Water Softener Alternatives

FutureSoft Softener


Springwell’s FutureSoft solution is a no-salt water conditioning system for the entire home.

Springwell FutureSoft has the highest rating and can stop scale build-up to 99.6% while not requiring any chemical or salt. Additionally, you won’t experience any decrease in water pressure when using this product in your residence.

In contrast to conventional salt-based systems, the Futuresoft water softening system does not use any water and does not pour salt brine into the environment. Get rid of scale, lengthen the lifespan of your appliances, and make cleaning easy now!

I am confident that FutureSoft is superior to any of the Culligan water softeners discussed here because it also provides access to Springwell’s much-admired customer support staff if you face any issues.

Check Price

SpringWell SS Softener


The SS1 comes with 32,000 granules of ion exchange resin. It can provide 11 gallons of softened water each minute, which is satisfactory for both small and medium-sized households even when the usage is at its highest.

The SS4 salt tank can hold 48,000 grains, whereas the SS+ contains 80,000 grains. The flow rate for the SS4 is 13 gallons per minute, which is suitable for medium and large homes, whereas the SS+ has a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute.

The SS+ has a higher water-softening capacity, making it an excellent option for households with significant occupants.

The used resin contains 10% crosslink, higher than the 8% crosslink resin that usually comes with cheaper units. The 8% crosslink resin is incapable of resisting chlorine, so its lifespan is likely to be halved when used with chlorinated municipal water.

The head unit is a significant component that oversees all the operations, such as the initiation of regeneration, the duration of backwashing cycles, and the salt quantity in usage.

Previously, SpringWell used the Fleck 5600 control valve to distribute their water softeners. Now, the firm has opted for a newer Bluetooth application-driven head that makes it simpler to program and manage.

It’s possible to set up the water softener from a distance if you have the Legacy View app downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

With just a few clicks of your phone or tablet, you can view water usage information, modify settings, and start a manual regeneration or backwash cycle.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Culligan Water Softener Review

1. How long will a Culligan Water softener last?

Generally, a water softener should have a 10 to 15 years lifespan. However, if the equipment shows signs of damage, it occurs by a lack of upkeep or hard water.

2. Why is Culligan Water so good?

Culligan provides bottled water free from minerals, organic substances, and chemicals through reverse osmosis purification. Reverse osmosis is a multi-step system that uses 5 levels of filtration to clean the water.

3. Are Culligan Water softeners made in China?

Culligan manufactures and assembles its products with some components sourced from abroad, but the design and assembly of those products take place in the USA.

Summary: Culligan Water Softener Review


A Culligan water softener is a highly effective and efficient product that improves the water quality you consume at home. Culligan has a long history of providing superior products that offer great value for money. 

If you are interested in improving the water that flows through your home or business, it’s worth considering getting a water softener from this brand. When you buy a Culligan system, it’s essential to know how it works, which parts are included, and what the brand is capable of.

Springwell FutureSoft and salt-based systems have superior ratings compared to any of the Culligan models we have analyzed, and they come with many outstanding qualities.

FutureSoft can be easily found on the web at a cost-effective rate, with professional customer care and a lengthy guarantee included in the cost.

I hope this article on the Culligan water softener review sounds helpful!

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