5 Best UV Water Purifiers You Should Check Out Now

best UV water purifier

Are you looking for a reliable and effective way to purify the water in your home or office? Look no further than these best UV water purifiers on the market. 

With a UV water purifier, you can enjoy clean and safe water without the need for harsh chemicals or complicated filtration systems. 

These purifiers can remove bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous impurities from your drinking water using cutting-edge ultraviolet technology. This article will help you pick the best UV water purifier for your needs.


1. When should you replace a UV water filter?

UV water filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, and the UV light bulb should be inspected every 6 months to ensure it is still effective.

2. Do UV water filters get hot?

Yes, the amount of water moving through the filter, the time that the filter is running, and the type of filter utilized can all impact the filter’s heating.

3. Is there water wastage in the UV water purifier?

Yes, due to the way it functions. A lamp produces UV light, and water is fed through the lamp. UV light is used in UV water filters to remove waterborne bacteria.

5 best UV water purifiers you should check out

UV water purifiers have become popular in recent years because they are simple to use, need little maintenance, and are quite efficient at cleaning water. It is also highly cost-effective compared to other water filtration techniques. Thus, here are five to consider if you’re searching for the best UV water purifier for your home.

1. Aquasana Well Water Rhino w/ UV Filter


In our list of the best UV water purifier, the first one is Aquasana, which specializes in cutting-edge filtering technologies. The Aquasana Whole House Rhino is a full-service home water treatment system that kills viruses through intense UV purification, softens water, removes sediment, and offers re-mineralization through carbon filtering.

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as organic pollutants such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and industrial solvents, are removed by the activated carbon filter. The pre-sediment filter filters out bigger particles like sand and silt.

The UV filter removes any dangerous bacteria that may be present in the water supply.

An extra salt-free water conditioner can be added to minimize water hardness for well owners. Some highlights of Aquasana well water are:

  • Copper-zinc sediment filter for scale reduction
  • Filter with Activated Carbon
  • UV-purifier Post Filter
  • 500,000-gallon capacity at 7-15 GPM
  • Warranty Period of 5 Years

These qualities strengthen and identify Aquasana as the best UV water purifier, so examine your requirements when picking the best UV water purifiers. Now discuss a few pros and cons of this water purifier.


  • The Aquasana Rhino is designed to convert potentially hazardous water into safe, clean, and delicious water for the entire family. 
  • While the build and design are both excellent, one of the nicest aspects of Aquasana is its amazing customer service team of experienced professionals who are always accessible for assistance.
  • But what distinguishes the Aquasana Rhino is that it is much more than a UV purifier. 
  • It eliminates the need to determine whether devices from different manufacturers are compatible. 
  • The Aquasana Rhino combines UV, sediment, carbon filtration, and water softening into a highly efficient appliance.
  • With many customization choices and a 5-year guarantee on all products, it’s no surprise that Aquasana is one of the top water filtering systems on the market.


  • The system is connected to a mounting bar rather low to the ground. 
  • While it isn’t a performance issue, any maintenance performed on the system will force you to kneel, which can be unpleasant.

The Aquasana Rhino w/UV filter combines everything you need to deliver safe, great-tasting water for your entire family if you rely on well water and are concerned about hazardous bacteria from the earth but would rather have all of your purification needs covered with a single device.

2. Pentair Pelican PC-600 Whole House + UV


Pentair is a global pioneer in the clean water market, offering long-term solutions to households, companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

One of the most successful water treatment equipment for the customer is the Pentair Pelican PC-600 Whole House + UVP. Its high fittings and parts ensure it is long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free while being cheap to the homeowner.

The tank’s enormous diameter carries a huge amount of water filtration carbon media, improving overall performance and longevity. Components are inexpensive and simple to replace.

The Pelican Carbon Series Systems are considered one of the best UV water purifiers since they have an up-flow design and utilize no water while filtering and treating your home’s water. Some systems employ a down-flow design, which requires them to backwash once or twice a week, wasting 100-300 gallons of water each time.

The UV connection eliminates silt, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, medicines, industrial solvents, and all types of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens from the unit. Some key features:

  • Flow rate: 16 or 34 gallons per minute
  • Pressure Range: 25-80 PSI 40-70 Watts
  • A warranty period of 5 years

You can check Pentair since it works effectively with a robust flow rate and explains why it comes in the best UV water purifier list. But to strengthen your choice, we’ll now look at the benefits and drawbacks of this system. 


  • Apart from replacing the pre-filter every 6-9 months, the Pentair Pelican’s up-flow system requires almost little care from the user. 
  • The lack of moving parts also reduces the requirement for electricity. 
  • With a capacity of 600,000 gallons, the whole-house filter component ensures that your water is correctly and fully filtered.


  • Some installation instructions are a little too complicated, especially for individuals who have never installed a water purifier. As a result, contacting customer support is highly suggested.

The Pelican PC-600 may suit individuals looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance, low-water-waste, whole-house water filter to eliminate germs. It is strong enough to filter a whole home of silt and germs, making it ideal for homes with well water.

3. Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier


Acuva Technologies specializes in UV purification by LED light and offers effective purification solutions for homes, RVs, and boats.

The Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 UV-LED water purifier is their most popular domestic purification equipment, with a lifetime capacity of 120,000 liters of pure water.

This UV purifier is designed to be positioned at the tap from which water will be dispensed instead of purifying water for the entire home. This makes it appropriate for tiny houses, RVs, and boats.

With a flow rate of 2 liters per minute, the ArrowMAX 2.0 can continually maintain a high flow of clean, drinking water. It is housed in a high-quality polymer housing with a stainless steel UV reactor.

Acuva also offers pre-filters that are put before the UV purifier to ensure that silt and other particles are removed. The key features are:

  • Flow rate: 2 liters per minute 
  • Maximum PSI: 100
  • Dose Delivery: more than 16 mJ/cm2
  • Certification: NSF/ANSI-55 

Thus, ArrowMAX 2.0 is one of the best UV water purifiers that consistently maintain a high flow of clean, so if you are looking for a purifier for a single person, you can check out this system. As we discuss the features and overview, let’s look at their pros and cons in the next section.


  • Only utilizes electricity when needed.
  • It uses a lot less energy than comparable UV lights.
  • A very long life expectancy of ten years
  • It comes with an installation kit and a sediment pre-filter lasting 5,000 gallons and may be connected to numerous applications in your house.


  • Expensive
  • Only the pre-filter is performance-tested.

The Arrowmax offers all you need starting from drinking clean, pathogen-free water. You should try this if you require a reliable and the best UV water purifier for a single point-of-use and not for the entire home.

4. Springwell UV Purifier


Another one on the list of the best UV water purifier is Springwell Blackcomb 5.1 UV purifier is a very effective pathogen disinfection that can be connected to a typical whole-house carbon filtering system. The 30mj/cm2 dosage is effective against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and diseases such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

The “future-proof” expandability port in the splash-proof shell for future upgrades and choices distinguishes the Blackcomb 5.1 from other UV purifiers. A colorful user interface enables simple visual identification of the remaining bulb life and any error or fault codes. It even integrates QR codes for online access to information and films.

Few main features of Springwell Blackcomb 5.1 are:

  • 15 GPM
  • UV light output: 30mJ/cm2.
  • Operating pressure: 10-150 PSI
  • Temperature range: 36-120 F
  • 3-Year Warranty Illustration

Springwell Blackcomb 5.1 is one of the best UV water purifiers, including some key features you may be searching for; to help you make a better-informed decision. It’s time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Springwell Blackcomb 5.1!


  • Springwell’s smart UV monitor delivers constant data to tell how well the UV lamp performs and when the bulb needs replacing. 
  • UV light of 30mj/cm2 is one of the most powerful UV lamps on the market.


  • Because there is no sediment pre-filter, you will need to purchase one separately.

For those looking for the most powerful UV purifier for eradicating difficult infections like Crypto and Giardia, the Blackcomb 5.1 is about as strong as possible.

5. Bluonics Ultraviolet Light Water Purifier


Finally, last but not least in our list of the best UV water purifiers, Bluonics’ UV system; it has a 12 GPM flow rate and a 55 Watt / 120 Volt ballast. The entire system contains extra ballast, one quartz tube, and two replacement bulbs. This UV system offers enough clean water for the entire home while being simple to install and maintain.

The ballast has a light indicator indicating whether the purifier is functioning. A green light shows that it is operational, whereas a red light indicates that it is not. Every year, the lights are changed.

The UltraViolet Light Water Sterilizer is powerful enough for a big residence and useful for residential and commercial water cleaning. Also suitable for well water.

  • 12 GPM
  • 120 Volts
  • 55 Watts
  • Bulb has a life of 9000 hours

If you don’t need heavy-duty performance from your UV purifier, Bluonics is the best Uv water purifier to choose. Let’s round out your research with Bluonics’ UV benefits and drawbacks so you have no doubts left.


  • Bluonics UV purifier is less expensive than the other devices 


  • Due to the lack of a support crew, you must have some installation knowledge.

Bluonics is a good option for a basic, low-cost UV purifier.

Therefore, these are the five best UV water purifiers on the market, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. Try one of them since they all give outstanding service.

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Wrapping up

UV Water Purifiers are available in various sizes, models, and features, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. Few of those listed above do verify them and end up purchasing a worthwhile one. 

They are reasonably priced and offer outstanding value for money. The best UV water purifiers are also very energy efficient, making them ideal for household and business use.

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