About Us

BluWater Labs is a leading platform that provides in-depth reviews and guides on water-related technology products such as water heaters, water softeners, water filters, water ionizers, and more. Our mission is to help homeowners make informed decisions when choosing the right water filtration device for their needs.

We are proud to have two expert authors, Erin and David, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our platform. Erin has been in the home improvement industry for over 8 years and has a deep understanding of water filtration, appliance selection, and installation. David, on the other hand, has a background in plumbing, heating, cooling, and water treatment, with over a decade of experience assisting homeowners with their needs.

At BluWater Labs, we understand that choosing the right water filtration device can be overwhelming, which is why we provide comprehensive and impartial reviews and guides on the latest products and technologies. Whether you’re looking for the best water heater for your home or the most efficient water softener, our team of experts will help you make an informed decision.

Join us on our mission to make the world of water filtration simple and accessible, and find the perfect device for your needs!

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