Clack Water Softener Review: Is It The Best Choice?

clack water softener review

Clack water softener is an innovative and reliable water treatment solution that solves hard water problems. This system can help reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water, which can cause scale buildup in plumbing, staining on fixtures and appliances, and spots on dishes and glasses. In this article, you’ll explore the clack water softener review.

The system is easy to use and maintain, and its powerful design ensures you get the best results. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution to hard water problems or just want to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink, the clack water softener is a perfect choice

Read on to learn more about clack water softener review and discover if they are the right choice for your home.

Clack Water Softener Review: What Is A Clack Water Softener?

A Clack water softener is a system mounted onto a home’s incoming water to eliminate minerals. It removes calcium and magnesium found in hard water.

A salt-based water softener utilizes a method referred to as “ion exchange,” which switches the mineral particles in the water with sodium originating from the salt in the softener’s brine tank. 

During its regeneration cycle, the softener eliminates the minerals that caused the build-up of the scale. Eliminating the minerals makes it possible to access soft water from different sources. 

You can cut down on the money spent on maintenance and repairs and help better your skin health, particularly in decreasing the intensity of skin issues such as eczema.

Clack Water Softener Review: Benefits Of Using A Clack Water Softener

clack water softener review

Clack’s experience with resin casting and regulating valves puts them in a great position to work in the water softener industry. 

Clack has been supplying water solutions since it began operating a water softener exchange in Wisconsin in 1946. Subsequently, Clack has developed into a corporation that both makes and distributes products, and in the year 2000, they launched a novel form of water regulating valve. 

They quickly became the leading authority in water softening using their knowledge and experience.

Clack puts a lot of effort into introducing creative ideas into their water softener designs, which can be seen in some product features.

Clack’s water softeners are incredibly user-friendly due to the level of control they offer over water flow, their automated softening process, and timer controls that can be used. This ease of use is an attractive feature for customers.

Clack Water Softener Review: What Makes Clack Unique?

Hard water causes a wide range of issues in the home. A Clack water softener eliminates the minerals that could create scale build-up in your home’s plumbing system.

This implies that instead of tackling the consequences of scale forming, you can prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

The most efficient water softening systems process hard water when it arrives in your household, necessitating only one device to operate and sustain.

Homeowners can use a water softener to: 

  • Minimize the use of shampoo and detergents
  • Save money on costly repairs to home appliances such as washing machines & dishwashers.
  • Avoid giving costly scale treatments to baths, taps, sinks, and pipework.

Clack Water Softener Review: Clack Water Softener Features

Here are the features of the clack water softener review: 

Ease of Use

Clack water softeners offer maximum convenience with their control system. If you are still having difficulty, you can take advantage of the instruction manual with the softener or call customer service for assistance.


Clack water softener systems are renowned for their high level of effectiveness. This is due to the superior control valve technology on which they built their initial reputation.

Assembly Time

Many people who have purchased Clack water softeners share a common opinion. They indicate that the installation process is simple. If you hire a trained specialist to install the system, you should have access to soft water from your faucets within a couple of hours.

Even though this may be more expensive than a DIY installation, it will ensure that your system is inspected thoroughly by an experienced installer. Besides this, any problems that arise from the setup will be addressed promptly.

Suppose you are willing to forgo the cost of hiring a professional and installing the system yourself. In that case, you can likely expect to have removed the hard water from your home in under 24 hours, depending on your level of expertise. The detailed manual instructions and availability of telephone support should make any potential snags easy to work out.


Clack offers a substantial amount of their product-related documents to be accessed on the internet, which generally simplifies locating the desired material.

Every Clack water conditioner comes with directions for both setup and regular operation. Most of these booklets are conveniently available online, so you won’t need to search through drawers for an answer if something goes wrong.

The manual offers detailed instructions on how to use the softener and practical advice on troubleshooting issues and configuring the system to suit your household’s requirements. This guidance covers how to use the facilities at your home and the mineral-rich water in the vicinity.


Clack provides a 5-year guarantee on all their softener and filter controllers. They are demonstrating their trust in their product by providing a warranty. It is noteworthy that control valves can be delicate and intricate.

For the past two decades, Clack has been known for their control valves’ outstanding performance and excellence, which has earned them tremendous esteem.

Clack demonstrates their confidence in the excellence of their valves by giving a 5-year warranty if they are placed within a salt-based water softener.


The cost of a water softener may be drastically different based on your water consumption, the geographic location, the level of quality desired, and the quantity of hard water in need of treatment.

In my view, it is preferable to put money into a top-notch softener that will endure. Thus, allowing you to benefit from its superior performance straight away.

The cost of the product is usually balanced out by the money you save while using it. The cost of operation is relatively low, repair requirements are minimal, and the system lasts for a long time.

Clack Water Softener Review: Pros & Cons of Clack Systems

Here are the pros and cons of clack water softener review:


  • Great selection of different models: Clack provides a variety of models, making their selection quite extensive. The water composition in certain areas is more challenging and requires more resin to soften it. Some residences will have less space than the rest, and you need to identify a system that will work with the size of your home. It does not matter your specific requirements; you can most likely discover an ideal system for yourself from the different water softener models.
  • Metered regeneration: Systems equipped with a meter to calculate the time of the regeneration cycle are much more conserving of water when compared to those that employ a timer. Regardless of the amount of water utilized, timed regeneration systems operate at the same hour every day. Metered systems activate regeneration exclusively when a specific volume of water is consumed, thereby reducing water waste and the salt amount needed in tanks.


  • No features: Water softeners aren’t exactly cutting-edge technology, but with some models from other brands, you can get some excellent bonus features. These features include alarms that alert you when the salt level is low, surge protection to protect the internal computer from voltage harm, and so forth. Even though some of the individual Clack tanks can reach prices close to $6000, you would anticipate that something would make them stand out compared to other brands.

Clack Water Softener Review: What The Public Thinks Of Clack

According to reviews, most customers who bought Clack water softeners seem extremely satisfied with their purchases. Clack’s customer service representatives are very accessible and can assist with a new system. They can respond to inquiries either by telephone or email.

Clack water softeners are operational in a matter of days, regardless of whether the user installed the device. Thereby avoiding any costs or hassle associated with a professional contractor.

Considering the potential bias of the available online reviews and the scarcity of Clack water softeners on the web, it is reasonable to assume that the persons who have posted highly positive feedback about their items had already been admirers of the business before making their purchase. This would justify their endurance while looking for a Clack system online.

Homeowners often give positive feedback about Clack softeners because they are simple to install and can be set up without outside assistance.

Clack offers a comprehensive collection of user guides and technical guidance on the web, simplifying resolving issues during setup because the necessary details are easily accessible.

Clack Water Softener Review: Clack Water Softener Price

The price for a clack water softener is around $500. The features and capabilities of a water softener typically determine its price point. 

Upgrading to a larger capacity unit or one with more features will result in a higher cost. Moreover, the cost of hiring a qualified plumbing technician to set up the system is not included.

Additionally, the price does not reflect the money you must spend on keeping the item in good condition, such as the salt needed to operate the water softener.

Best Alternatives To Clack Water Softeners





Springwell FutureSoft Salt-Free

Provides 99.6% scale preventionPrevents & cleans existing scale build upCrystallize the hard water minerals


Aquasana Rhino Salt Free Softener System

High-performance water filtration system that reduces chlorine7 GPM flow rateSalt-free softener


Here are the alternatives to clack water softener review: 

1. SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Softener


The FutureSoft from SpringWell is a salt-free water softener designed to be used for the entire home and manufactured by one of the top firms in the water treatment and softening industry.

The SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener has a high rating and delivers 99.6% protection against scaling without salt or chemicals. Additionally, it guarantees no drop in water pressure throughout your house.

The Futuresoft water softening system is designed to be water-efficient and does not pass salt brine into the environment. The SpringWell brand offers a top-notch salt-based choice if you require intense water softening. 

Invest in this system now to prevent the scale build-up, prolong the life of your appliances, and make cleaning easier! Overall, I would recommend SpringWell as my top recommendation.

Check Price

2. Aquasana EQ-1000


The EQ-1000 combines a water filter and a softener system that does not require salt usage.

This combination of water softener and filter comes in two sizes: one with a capacity of up to 600,000 gallons and the other with up to 1 million gallons.

Setting up the EQ-1000 does not require technician assistance. Aquasana provides additional components such as water softeners and UV purifiers to guarantee clean water, regardless of your water source.

The NSF approved the EQ-1000 to eliminate more than 97% chlorine from the water and was given a Gold Standard for its filtration capabilities.

Salt-free softener systems require little maintenance. These systems are free from the backflushing cycle, which decreases operational costs.

If any issue arises, acquiring replacement components is usually a simple process. The Aquasana range of products has gained considerable attention globally. Therefore, it is easy to get hold of the equipment needed to restore your home’s soft water supply in no time.

It can be very challenging to determine which parts are needed to repair a Clack device and locate them for purchase, leading to exasperation for some purchasers.

Overall, I would recommend this Aquasana EQ-1000.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Clack Water Softener Review

1. How long does a clack water softener last?

The efficiency of water softeners is dependent on providing them with the proper upkeep and servicing at regular intervals. They last between 8 and 12 years optimally.

2. Are Fleck and Clack the same?

The Clack water softener offers the same warranty as the Fleck water softener and has the same salt and water requirements. However, the Clack is not available on the internet, meaning brick-and-mortar shops can maintain their profitability and offer a product better than the Fleck, which is currently being sold for the same price or lower than what the dealer pays.

3. What is a clack valve water softener?

A Clack valve is used alongside a water softener to eliminate minerals, like magnesium and calcium, found in hard water. This device is linked to the water source and can reduce the build-up of scale that comes with a hard water supply.

4. How often does a clack water softener regenerate?

Generally, the replacement process should occur every 12 to 14 days or after a predetermined water consumption. The valve on the water softener specifies how many gallons will be utilized before it triggers a regeneration cycle.

Summary: Clack Water Softener Review

A Clack water softener is a system mounted onto a home’s incoming water to eliminate minerals. It removes calcium and magnesium found in hard water.

Clack water softeners offer a comprehensive suite of features, including regulating water flow, converting a salt-based system into an ion exchange system, extending the softener’s life, and more.

While your home may not need a whole-house water softener today, it is important to keep in mind that these systems can be beneficial in the long run. Once you have the right softener in place, it may be possible to use it as long as you want.

If I had to pick one alternative right now? Springwell FutureSoft is my highest-rated offering this year. This product has superior features, a great warranty, and a massive capacity, making it the most cost-effective solution to combat hard water.

I hope this article on clack water softener review sounds helpful!

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