ZeroWater vs Berkey Comparison: Which Is Better?

ZeroWater vs Berkey

If you’re searching for a reliable water filtration system, you might have encountered two famous brands: ZeroWater and Berkey. These brands claim to provide superior water filtration compared to other systems on the market. But which one is better? In this article, I will compare ZeroWater vs Berkey to help you decide which is right for you. 

I will delve into their features, pros and cons, and customer feedback to give you a comprehensive overview. Whether you’re looking for a system for your home or office, I’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover which reigns supreme in water filtration.

ZeroWater vs Berkey: How Reliable Is It?

9.5Expert Score
Ease of Installation
9.6Expert Score
Ease of Installation

Comparison Between ZeroWater vs Berkey

Key Features



Removal of Contaminants

29 contaminants

232 contaminants

Storage Capacity

2.5 gallons

2.25 gallons

Filtration Process

5-stage filtration process

Black berkey elements filtration process

Filtration Rate

1.5 gallons/hour filtration rate

1 gallon/hour filtration rate

Filter Lifespan

3 to 5 months

6000 gallons


Less durable than Berkey

More durable than ZeroWater


BPA free material

Stainless Steel material


3.5 pounds

7.35 pounds

NSF Certified




3 months



20 to 70 dollars

Around 300 dollars

ZeroWater vs Berkey: Introduction

ZeroWater vs Berkey

If you’re looking for top-notch water filters to eliminate heavy metals, chlorine and other chemicals, fluoride, and other contaminants, check out ZeroWater and Berkey! ZeroWater and Berkey are popular water filtration systems in the United States.

ZeroWater filters effectively eliminate over 99% of dissolved solids and heavy metals. Whereas, Berkey water filters remove 99.99% of contaminants from the water.

Clean drinking water is essential for health and well-being. It is critical for maintaining good hygiene practices that prevent diarrhea, acute respiratory infections, and various tropical diseases. A water filtration system can eliminate many contaminants from the drinking water, including bacteria, pesticides, and viruses.

In this article, you will explore the detailed comparison of ZeroWater vs Berkey, key comparison factors, pros, and cons, customer reviews, etc., to help you make an informed decision.

ZeroWater vs Berkey: Features

Here are the features of ZeroWater vs Berkey: 

ZeroWater features

  • Removes 29 contaminants
  • Eliminates 99.6% of TDS
  • 2.5 gallons storage capacity
  • 5-stage filtration process
  • 1.5 gallons/hour filtration rate
  • 3-5 months filter lifespan
  • BPA free material
  • 90 days warranty
  • NSF certified
  • 3.5 pounds weight
  • Easy to install



Berkey features

  • Removes 232 contaminants
  • 2.25 gallons storage capacity
  • Black berkey elements filtration process
  • 1 gallon/hour filtration rate
  • 6000 gallons filter lifespan
  • Stainless Steel material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 7.35 pounds weight
  • Easy to install



ZeroWater vs Berkey: Key Comparison Factors

ZeroWater vs Berkey

Here are the key comparison factors for ZeroWater vs Berkey: 

Filtration Technology

The ZeroWater filter system comprises several stages: rough filter screen, carbon & oxidation reduction alloy, foam distributor, ultra-fine screen, non-woven membrane, and an ion exchange resin. When you pour water into the pitcher, the filter slowly purifies it in minutes.

Berkey’s filtration system comprises six distinct types of media in each element. One is the coconut shell carbon filtration media, which adsorbs impurities in its minute pores and prevents them from passing through the filter alongside the water particles.

Berkey water filters consist of two chambers, with the upper one filled with tap water. The water slowly passes through the filter and collects in the lower chamber, where it becomes purified and safe to drink.


ZeroWater and Berkey are renowned for their exceptional ability to eliminate contaminants from water. These two brands can remove many impurities, including chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, and fluoride.

ZeroWater filters water through a 5-stage filtration process and removes 29 contaminants. Whereas, Berkey water filters use microfiltration technology to eliminate 232 contaminants.

ZeroWater filters are certified by NSF. They come with a free water quality meter that can be used to check the number of TDS in water before and after the filtration process. On the other hand, Berkey water filters don’t hold NSF certification.

ZeroWater filters last about 3 to 5 months. On the other hand, Berkey water filters have a 6000-gallon lifespan.

The ZeroWater Filter has a simplified and compact design. It is a pitcher system with a filter placed inside the unit. Whereas, Berkey water filters are incredibly sturdy, made of stainless steel, and resistant to rust and other surface damage.


ZeroWater and Big Berkey filters have a slow filtration rate. They don’t provide instant filtered water.

ZeroWater takes about 44 minutes to fill the 36-cup storage tank. At the same time, Big Berkey takes only 36 minutes to fill the same amount.


ZeroWater tank has a 2.5-gallon or 40 cups capacity. On the other hand, the Big Berkey tank has a 2.25-gallon or 36 cups capacity. Both include a spout at the bottom to dispense water.

ZeroWater vs Berkey


ZeroWater filters are more affordable than Big Berkey water filters. Generally, ZeroWater costs range from 20 to 70 dollars. On the other hand, Big Berkey costs around 300 dollars.

But, the best part of Big Berkey is that they last for longer periods which ultimately decreases their cost in the long run. However, ZeroWater lasts for a short period, increasing its cost in the long run.

Warranty And Customer Support

ZeroWater filter offers 3 months warranty, and Big Berkey filters provide a lifetime warranty. In addition, Big Berkey comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ZeroWater and Big Berkey both have excellent and friendly customer support.

ZeroWater vs Berkey: Pros And Cons

ZeroWater vs Berkey

Here are the pros and cons of ZeroWater vs Berkey: 

ZeroWater Pros and Cons

+ ZeroWater is NSF certified
+ Eliminates 99.6% of TDS
+ Reduces 29 contaminants
+ Has a larger capacity
+ Comes with 3 months warranty
+ Includes a free TDS meter
+ Simple installation process
– Short filter life



Berkey Pros and Cons

+ Berkey removes 232 contaminants
+ 6000 gallons filter lifespan
+ Stainless Steel material
+ Comes with a lifetime warranty
+ Saves money in the long run
+ Easy installation procedure
– Not NSF certified



ZeroWater vs Berkey: Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Here are the customer reviews of ZeroWater vs Berkey: 


Arroyo Rose said, “The water tastes great, and the pitcher fills quickly. I drink at least 6 glasses of water daily from it and am still on the original filter at 6 weeks. I am so glad I purchased it! I keep my Zerowater in the fridge and love having cold delicious water.”

Clara said, “The pitchers provide great-tasting water, and by removing the pollution, the water is healthier.”


Angela B said, “We love our new Berkey so much! My partner and I have noticed a definite difference in how our water tastes. Investing in a Berkey was a stretch financially for us. Still, it didn’t make sense to continue putting so many chemicals into our bodies via water when we’re so careful about what we eat and put on our bodies. It feels great to know that our water is free of all the junk!

Irene N. said, “So glad I finally made the leap and purchased one. Such a great investment in my health. Now, I don’t have to worry about those sketchy city water reports where all the contaminants are slightly below the toxic level.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On ZeroWater vs Berkey

1. Is ZeroWater as good as Berkey?

ZeroWater is a good choice if you are okay with replacing filters every few months. On the other hand, Berkey’s systems are more affordable and require less maintenance, making them an excellent option for long-term use.

2. What is better than a Berkey?

Alexapure is better than a Berkey as it filters 5,000 gallons per filtration element. You can use it for more than 3 years.

3. Why is Berkey, not NSF?

Berkey is not NSF certified because the company wants to keep its patent process private from competitors.

4. Does ZeroWater remove healthy minerals?

Zerowater removes all minerals from the water, including healthy minerals.

Conclusion: ZeroWater vs Berkey

ZeroWater vs Berkey

ZeroWater filters remove 99% dissolved solids, heavy metals, and 29 contaminants from the water. On the other hand, Berkey eliminates 232 contaminants from the water.

Berkey filters have a longer lifespan, warranty, and filtration rate than ZeroWater filters. 

If you are willing to replace filters every few months, ZeroWater might be a better choice for you. On the other hand, Berkey’s systems are a more affordable and low-maintenance option that is ideal for long-term usage.

I suggest Big Berkey water filters over ZeroWater. Big Berkey removes 232 contaminants, has a lifetime warranty, and saves money in the long run.

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