Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

Richmond tankless water heater reviews

If you’re considering investing in a tankless water heater, you’ve probably already heard of the Richmond brand. This famous brand has been in the industry for over a century, providing tankless water heaters that are reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. 

However, finding the right tankless water heater for your home can be tricky. That’s why it’s essential to read Richmond tankless water heater reviews. 

These reviews give you an honest opinion of the product’s performance, energy-saving capabilities, installation procedure, warranty, and more. They can help you decide which Richmond tankless water heater is the perfect fit for your home.

5 Best Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews






Provide endless hot water on demandNo electrical connection is required3.1 gallons capacityBattery powered sourceCompact design saves space87% efficiency levelEasy to installCost-effective



Perfect for campsites, cabins, remote areas, or just around the houseProvide endless hot water on demandNo electrical connection is requiredServes a variety of applicationsNaturally vented outdoorsNatural gas power sourcePortable water heater5 gallons capacityCompact design



Allows customers to regulate energy consumptionPerfect for under the sink one point of use installationSave up to 60% on electricity bills for water heatingEasy management and simple adjustmentsBattery powered source8.8 kilowatts capacity


7.0 Outdoor

High-quality stainless steel water channel and heating chamberUse 60% less energy than conventional tank water heatersBattery powered source6.5 gallons capacitySmart technology


8.4 Indoor

No electrical connections requiredBattery powered source4.3 gallons capacity


Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Where Are Richmond Water Heaters Made?

Richmond has various factories that are distinct from Rheem. It manufactures its hot water systems in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Additionally, Richmond has a corporate headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Types Of Richmond Water Heaters

richmond tankless water heater reviews

Richmond tankless water heater reviews has a variety of tankless water heaters, ranging from compact electric models to powerful gas units that deliver up to 9.5 GPM. Specific electric models are suitable as whole-house systems, while the smaller ones are ideal for use with a single appliance.

Richmond Essential Series

The Essential line only includes tankless electric water heaters. This series offers a selection of whole-house heaters and point-of-use heaters. It all comes down to the incoming water temperature when deciding if a model is suitable for either multiple devices or just one.

The RMTEX-04, the smallest model in the range with a power rating of 3.5 kW, supplies just 0.9 GPM. This RMTEX-36 (36 kW-unit), the biggest of its kind, is suitable for average to large homes and provides just the right amount of hot water for one sink in a warm climate.


The RMTEX-18, marketed by Richmond as a whole-house unit, can only provide 4.4 GPM and is more suited as a point-of-use water heater in cold climates rather than supplying an entire condo or small home with hot water in warm temperatures.

The RMTEX-18, part of the Essential series, is equipped with copper immersion heating elements that feature brass tops like the other water heaters in the same series. The RMTEX-18 comes with two elements screwed together to facilitate replacement, although they are built to last and may not need to be replaced that often.

This model has come with an extra level of self-regulation and the capability to be managed by an external digital thermostat.

The system regulates the power output to meet the desired hot water level while preventing unnecessary energy usage. The thermostat is precise up to a single degree, providing you with complete authority over the warmth of the water.


If you are searching for an electric power source to accommodate a medium or large-sized property, the RMTEX-36 from the Essential series is the biggest model and would be a great option. This system can offer 8.8 gallons per minute, enough to supply most of your home’s appliances with hot water simultaneously, even if you live in an icy climate.

The RMTEX-36, similar to the RMTEX-18, has a top-notch thermostat responsible for operating the dial on the front part of the machine. The temperature is displayed on an LED display. This unit is much more potent than the RMTEX-18 and contains four copper immersion heating elements that can be serviced in the field.


The RMTEX-11 from the Essential series is a sizable point-of-use model, offering 2.68 gallons per minute flow rate. This water heater is incredibly energy efficient, so it is a practical alternative to a tank water heater. With this option, you can get hot water whenever you need it, for however long you need it.

You can alter the thermostat in single-degree increments between the range of 80°F and 140°F, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your preferred setting. The temperature is on the electronic screen on the outside appliance.

The RMTEX-08 and RMTEX-13 are comparable to the RMTEX-11 but with higher flow rates – 1.95 GPM for the former and 3.17 GPM for the latter. Besides the power, the models in the Essential range have very few distinctions.

Encore RMTG Series

Gas water heaters are not as efficient as electric heaters, but they are more economical as gas is cheaper than electricity. The Encore RMTG series of heaters are not highly efficient but are more efficient than the products from several other companies. The primary factor is the low-input pilot that lessens the quantity of gas consumed by the heaters when not in use.

Furthermore, these models are fitted with burners that produce little emissions, thus reducing their fuel requirement and making them more eco-friendly and economical. Every water heater is non-condensing in nature. Some are built for indoor applications, while others are for outdoor applications.

7.0 Outdoor


Even though it is the smallest member of the Encore RMTG family, the 7.0 outdoor model is perfect for any instance when you require hot water as it reaches a maximum of 7.0 GPM.

This system has a minimum flow rate of 0.40 gallons per minute when it is activated, and the rate can go as low as 0.26, meaning that you will still have hot water even when the flow reduces.

The 7.0 model has been designed to avoid any wastage of hot water and is pre-equipped with a recirculation kit. While this additional feature increases the cost, it can significantly save thousands of gallons of water in a year, making it an economically viable option.

The unit comes with hot-start programming to enhance convenience. This feature maintains the readiness of the unit to fire up at all times. Therefore, you will get immediate access to hot water, eliminating the need to endure a chilly stream from the tap.

The 7.0 outdoor version of the product has a digital remote control, the widest gap between the walls permitted by the industry (½ inch), and the package includes 10 feet of thermostat wire.

This model also has an indoor version with a slightly increased energy efficiency of 0.82 UEF compared to 0.81 UEF. The right system is essential if you plan to put a gas heater inside the house (which should include 120v of electricity).

If not, you would need to pay more for the set-up. The external model comes with frost protection that can handle temperatures as low as -30°F, making it ideal for nearly any environment.

8.4 Indoor

The Encore RMTG series has the 8.4 indoor model available for more extensive hot water usage. This model has a capacity of 8.4 GPM, which is enough to meet most households’ needs, even in the chilliest climates. Furthermore, it is capable of operating up to 8,400 feet of altitude.

This model is a great, eco-friendly option given its 0.82 UEF energy efficiency rating and its ultra-low NOx burner. Additionally, it is also secure, featuring Guardian OFW overheat film wrap. This capability enables you to program the thermostat to a higher setting, thus avoiding the risk of the heater becoming too hot.

You can set the thermostat to a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the same as electrical models. You can buy an upgrade kit if a higher temperature is required, like in a commercial setting.

This product is accessible in a form for both indoor and outdoor uses. If you go for the alternative for outdoor use, you should be aware that it has a low energy efficiency rating of 0.81 UEF, which is only a slight difference. Nonetheless, it is still much higher than the energy efficiency rating of any tank model.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Installation

Richmond’s electric tankless heaters are known for their simple setup. They are small enough to fit in various spaces, and specific models (e.g., RMTEX-18) come with ¾-inch NPT water connections at the bottom.

Putting in gas water heaters is always more complex than other types. You will have to get a professional HVAC specialist because of the potential risks associated with gas. Although professionals may not have any experience with this particular model of Richmond water heater, the installation process should still be easy for them.

All gas versions of this product are suitable for a pipeline with a ½-inch diameter and are furnished with a concentric vent system of 3 inches or 5 inches in size, plus an incorporated condensate collector. In addition, they can link to Metalfab 3-inch/5-inch concentric venting without an adapter.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Problems

Richmond tankless water heater reviews are known for their low rate of issues as long as the user executes regular maintenance and operates the heater as it was designed to be used.

As a precaution, Richmond has installed corrosion-resistant heating elements in all their tankless heaters to prevent potential issues. Consequently, the heating element has an extended lifespan, other components are shielded from harm, and the heater keeps its effectiveness long.

The Encore RMTG heaters can be set for an optional maintenance reminder. If you activate this feature, you will get an alert when your heater has been running for 500 hours, telling you to get servicing.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Warranty And Customer Service

It is effortless to get in touch with Richmond’s customer service team. The Richmond website has a form that submits inquiries, grievances, or remarks. Additionally, people can talk to a representative directly during their active business hours.

The Essential series of water heaters include a 5-year warranty for the heating chamber and a 1-year warranty for parts, a typical offer for tankless heaters currently available.

The warranties for the Encore RMTG series are extensive. They include a 12-year restricted guarantee for the heat exchanger, a 5-year limited warranty for the parts, and a 1-year warranty for labor.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: From Consumers Online

The customer reviews concerning Richmond water heaters have all spoken of their excellent quality. This quality comes with thorough testing that is carried out on every unit before it is allowed to be sold.

The same procedure ensures that water heaters are dependable, that their performance is uniform in every range, and that all models abide by government rules. The Richmond lab and external sites are used for testing to ensure the results are impartial.

Customers had stated that they received a new water heater immediately after noticing a slight defect in their original one.

Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews: Where To Buy Richmond Water Heaters

It is possible to purchase the Richmond water heaters mentioned above on Amazon, where the technical details for every model are also accessible. Besides, you can uncover several other highly-rated Richmond water heaters, such as bigger models in the Encore RMTG collection and a wide selection of sizes in the Essential series.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Is Richmond a good tankless water heater brand?

Richmond, formed in 1983, is a part of Rheem, one of the most renowned and superior tankless water heater producers globally. The Richmond water heaters have the same quality as the parent firm.

2. Is Richmond water heater good?

The Richmond water heater is a great product. It is installed without issue and provides plenty of hot water for the house. I would recommend it as an alternative to putting in a larger tank. You get a similar first-hour performance from the Richmond water heater since it has a large burner. In addition, you will get endless hot water.

3. Who makes Richmond tankless water heaters?

Rheem®, the innovator of water heaters, is the creator of the Richmond Water Heater brand. With the Richmond brand, I have made sure to use the finest materials and highest-quality craftsmanship to make water heaters that offer great value. Now, with the introduction of the all-new Richmond product line, I can provide even more value than before.

4. What are two disadvantages of a tankless water heater?

There are two disadvantages of a tankless water heater: 

  • Limited hot water – The capacity of a regular storage-tank water heater is just enough to provide hot water for three consecutive showers.
  • Large footprint – It may be challenging to fit a 40- or 50-gallon storage container in a confined area such as a house or basement.

Summary: Richmond Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Richmond is one of the most popular brands in the United States for tankless hot water systems. The company manufactures various units ranging from natural gas to electric. 

The RMT series is a group of premium, self-regulating tankless water heaters capable of instantaneously heating up to two gallons of hot water simultaneously. The RMT-18 and RMT-36 are the biggest models in the range.

When it comes to performance, the RMT-18 and RMT-36 are excellent options. They provide ample hot water and are energy efficient. Furthermore, you can manage them remotely via an external digital thermostat. They feature brass tops just like the other units in this series, built to last.

However, the RMT-11, RMT-13, and RMT-19 have comparatively lower capacities while not as energy efficient as the other models.

I hope this article on the best Richmond tankless water heater reviews sounds helpful!

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