Eemax Tankless Review: Unveiling The Effective And Reliable Heater

eemax tankless review

Eemax tankless water heaters have earned a strong reputation in the industry due to their cutting-edge technology and impressive efficiency. Its primary focus is to deliver unlimited hot water while optimizing energy usage. If you want a new water heater and you’re considering going tankless, this Eemax tankless review has everything to make an informed decision. 

In this article, you’ll take a closer look at the Eemax tankless water heater, and I will provide a comprehensive review of its performance, features, and overall value. So, let’s dive in & see what the Eemax tankless review offers.

Eemax Tankless Review: How Reliable Is It?

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Eemax Tankless Heater
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Eemax Tankless Review: Introduction

Eemax tankless water heaters meet various applications’ hot water demands, including point-of-use and whole-house use. They offer a wide range of units catering to your hot water requirements.

Tankless water heaters efficiently heat water on demand, providing precisely the amount needed at any given time. They eliminate the need for storing and constantly reheating large amounts of water, which results in energy savings.

eemax tankless review

Tankless water heaters have an extended lifespan and contribute to space savings, making them eco-friendly and efficient household choices.

This article will help you explore an unbiased and comprehensive Eemax tankless review.

Eemax Tankless Review: Overview Of Eemax Tankless Water Heaters

eemax tankless review

Eemax started selling tankless water heaters for commercial applications in the year 1988. These heaters had a 0.5 to 1.5 GPM flow rate. In 1990, Eemax launched its Series One, Two, and Three tankless water heaters with a 1.5 to 5 GPM flow rate.

Eemax started selling residential heaters in the year 2000. And, when Rheem bought Eemax, it included electric water heaters.

Eemax produces a diverse range of tankless water heater series. Many of their offerings are specifically designed for light commercial, heavy commercial, or industrial applications.

In addition, Eemax offers electric water heaters suitable for small to medium-sized homes and point-of-use heaters for larger residential properties. You can also use HomeAdvantage II Series for residential use.

Here are the key features of Eemax Tankless water heaters: 

  • Offers hot water on demand
  • Saves your money and electricity
  • Excellent and consistent performance
  • Easily fit in small spaces
  • Good value for money
  • Simple installation
  • Space-saving design
  • Durable materials
  • Works quietly
  • Compact


Eemax Tankless Review: Performance And Efficiency

The Eemax HomeAdvantage II Series comes in different models. These models have a flow rate of 4.8 to 8 gallons per minute. They offer instant and endless hot water.

Eemax tankless water heaters are renowned for providing hot water on demand. They save time, money, energy, and space.

Eemax tankless heaters excel in precision, speed, and safety. These heaters immediately cease heating water when the faucet is turned off, and their rapid cooling helps prevent overshoot, resulting in minimal energy wastage.

With an impressive 99% energy efficiency, Eemax tankless heaters reduce operating costs, saving users money.

Eemax tankless heaters come with temperature sensors. These sensors enable modulation and ensure a consistent water temperature. In addition, they prevent fluctuations in the flow rate. 

By eliminating the uncomfortable “cold water sandwich” phenomenon, Eemax tankless heaters enhance the showering experience.


Eemax Tankless Review: Installation And Maintenance

eemax tankless review

Eemax tankless water heaters have a simple and easy installation process. The heater has an electrical cord requiring only a side water connection. The absence of venting requirements makes the installation process exceptionally quick and straightforward.

Hiring a professional for the installation ensures proper wiring setup and helps maintain the validity of your warranty. So, seek professional assistance for the necessary adjustments of the Eemax tankless heater.

Eemax tankless heaters are perfect for homes with limited space. Compared to traditional storage tank models, Eemax tankless water heaters offer greater portability and are more space-efficient than gas-powered models with similar output.

Eemax tankless heaters hardly require maintenance. They are designed to do self-cleaning. 

Eemax utilizes a patented water flow system that continuously eliminates particles from the heating elements, even during the water heating. This unique feature ensures the durability and longevity of the heating elements.

Eemax water heaters come with a warranty of 5 years for leaks & 1 year for parts. It’s important to note that the warranty doesn’t cover damage caused on your end. In addition, moving the water heater after initial installation can cancel the warranty.

Eemax offers a phone line for customer support service. You can also contact the company through an email or submit an online form.

Eemax Tankless Review: Price And Value

Eemax tankless heaters are available at reasonable rates. The Eemax HomeAdvantage II series is available in US stores, with prices ranging from $225 to $800. The Eemax EMT models are also available between $250 and $335.

Eemax tankless heaters are far better than competitors in price and features. 

All Eemax water heaters have a long lifespan lasting over 10 years. They are renowned for long-term savings and return on investment.


Eemax Tankless Review: User Reviews And Testimonials

Here are the customer reviews on Eemax tankless heaters: 

August said, “We’ve had this unit installed for five years, and it’s still pumping hot water. The unit does make a bit of a knocking noise when turning on, but it’s no louder than a knock on a door. Bottom line: the unit fits in a slim area and opens up more of our kitchen cabinets, which fulfills a need.”

Booger said, “I live in northwest Florida with somewhat mild winters with groundwater temps about 50 degrees and summer groundwater temps about 73 degrees. My wife and I have had no issues with this water heater for the first 7 to 8 yrs with teenagers and the last 8 to 9. I think it’s great!”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Eemax Tankless Review

1. How long do Eemax water heaters last?

Eemax water heaters last for more than ten years.

2. How efficient is the Eemax water heater?

Eemax water heater is 99% thermal energy efficient.

3. What is the disadvantage of tankless?

The water temperature fluctuates if you need more water than the tankless heater unit generates.

Conclusion: Eemax Tankless Review

Eemax tankless water heaters are versatile solutions that meet the hot water demands of people in the United States. They efficiently heat water on demand, eliminating the need for storing and reheating excess water, which leads to significant energy savings.

Additionally, their extended lifespan and space-saving design make Eemax tankless heaters environmentally friendly and practical for households.

Before purchasing an Eemax tankless model, you should assess the size of your household and determine the number of appliances or faucets you intend to connect to the heater.

Select a model based on the estimated usage during peak times to ensure optimal performance. However, ensure your home has the necessary electrical capacity to support the selected model. For more details, you can visit the official Eemax website.

I hope this article on Eemax tankless review sounds helpful!

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