Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: What You Need To Know

Nuvo water softener reviews

Water softeners are essential for households that deal with hard water. Nuvo manufactures a line of water softeners that reduce the effects of hard water in your home. Each unit reduces hard water contamination and improves water quality from the H2O Manor to the H2O Sport. But what do Nuvo water softener reviews say about these products? 

In this article, you’ll look at what customers say about Nuvo water softeners and provide an overview of their features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for a basic, mid-level, or advanced water-softening solution, Nuvo has everything you need

I will also discuss installation and maintenance so you can decide if a Nuvo water softener is the right fit for your home.

Top 3 Nuvo Water Softener Reviews





NuvoH2O – Manor

Designed for homes that are larger than 1,500 sq.ft., Prevents hard water scale buildup, Retains healthy minerals in your water


NuvoH2O – Home

Ideal for homes that are larger than 1,500 sq. ft., Sedimentation purification, Non electric & battery powered source


NuvoH2O – Studio

12 to 15 gpm water flow rate, 20000 gal output between refills, Comes with installation kit


Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Do They Really Work?

Nuvo water softeners employ chelation methods to disintegrate limescale, which could accumulate in your pipes and leave discoloration on glassware, shower doors, and countertops.

A food-grade citric acid increases the water’s pH, thus altering the chemical composition of the calcium and magnesium molecules.

Chelation is perfect for high-end hotels and resorts where individuals desire a delightful water taste and proprietors want their bathrooms to sparkle. This is something that can only be achieved on limescale removal.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Features


Here are the features of Nuvo water softener: 

  • You can mount the back plate, bracket, and screws and secure the conditioner at a wall.
  • The bypass valve diverts the water to the main pipe by changing the cartridge.
  • It comes with Nuvo water softener housing and a cartridge, plus 1 replacement cartridge.
  • You can use a housing wrench for installation.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Pros

Here are the advantages of Nuvo water softener: 

  • You can use the bypass valve for convenience.
  • This water softener avoids electricity or water wastage. It doesn’t need salt top-ups.
  • It involves an FDA-approved softening method.
  • This is a saltless system that softens water rather than simply conditioning it.
  • Nuvo softener is perfect for people on low-sodium diets.
  • It comes with the first replacement cartridge.
  • It is fairly good value for money.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Cons

Here are the cons of Nuvo water softener: 

  • Nuvo softener eliminates calcium & magnesium from water and gives a preferable taste to water.
  • The cartridge of this water softener lasts only for 6 months. It requires replacement after 50,000 gallons of household water use.
  • You might need a plumber for installation.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Performance

The Nuvo system works in the same way as a typical salt-based softener, just without the salt. It is effective in treating water from public sources, but it’s not suitable for dealing with sediment from well water.

If you’re searching for a water softener for the well water in your household, the Nuvo is not the right choice.

Generally, the Nuvo water softener is known for its excellent performance. Unlike other softeners, this system does not require regeneration, so you don’t have to wait for water between cycles.

The device will run optimally until it is time for its cartridge to be switched out, so it is critical to follow the user manual’s guidelines for the recommended replacement schedule.

The Nuvo water softener does not require any electrical power to function, and it does not require any salt replenishments or wastewater while in operation. The flow rate of this water softener ranges from 12 to 15 gallons per minute, which is a typical amount for a softener of this kind and is suitable for use in a typical family home.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Types

The operation of all Nuvo water conditioners is relatively similar. The main differences between the three types are the units’ sizes and filters’ capabilities. Select the right system for your needs based on the dimensions of your residence and the number of people living there.

1. Manor

The Nuvo Manor system is the largest of the Nuvo water conditioners and is designed for homes over 2,000 square feet in size.

The Manor can provide a water flow of as much as 18 GPM, which should be adequate for around four individuals.

Manor water conditioners have a filter that can soften up to 50,000 gallons of water. You should install a meter to your water line to determine precisely when you’ve used this water volume.

If you don’t pay attention to the filter change schedule, you will either change it too soon or too late. The Nuvo Manor has fittings meant for 1 ½-inch pipe. If your pipes are of a different size, you can still use them, but you’ll need an adapter.


  • Designed for homes that are larger than 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Prevents hard water scale buildup
  • Retains healthy minerals in your water
  • Removes existing hard water scale
  • Compact design
+ Decreases scale buildup
+ Great no-salt system
+ Easy to install
+ Superb product
+ Soft, clear water
– Somewhat expensive

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2. Home

The NuvoH2O Home softener is perfect for households with 1,000 and 2,000 square feet of living space and are home to 2-3 people.

The water softener can process up to 15 gallons per minute, so the water pressure should remain the same. You can use it for up to 20,000 gallons of water before replacement, typically every 4-6 months.

The Home water softener features 1-inch fitting ports. However, if you have a ¾-inch water supply line, you can still use it by obtaining a couple of adapters.

The system has a relatively high weight of nearly 9 pounds, so use the bracket included in the package or install brackets on the supply line of the air conditioner on both sides.


  • Ideal for homes that are larger than 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Sedimentation purification
  • Non electric, battery-powered source
  • Prevents hard water scale buildup
  • Removes existing hard water scale
  • Retains healthy minerals in your water
  • Compact design
+ Great water softener
+ Good for small house
+ Easy to install
+ Quality product
– Minor issues

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3. Studio

The NuvoH2O Studio softener was created with small spaces, such as apartments and condominiums, in mind, but it is also beneficial for recreational vehicles.

This water softener is an excellent choice for residences under 1,000 square feet and is most effective for one person. Once it has treated 10,000 gallons of water, you must replace the cartridges.

The Studio, like the Nuvo Home, can provide up to 15 gallons per minute, allowing you to operate multiple water-based appliances concurrently without experiencing a decrease in water pressure.

The Studio accommodates 3/4 inch piping, the most commonly used size for apartments and condominiums. If the pipes are larger, adapters are available for use.

Similarly to the other two models, the Studio system does include wall brackets. Nevertheless, they are unnecessary due to their light weight of only 6 pounds.


  • 12 to 15 gpm water flow rate
  • 20000 gal output between refills
  • Comes with installation kit
  • 30-grain capacity
+ Perfect for my 1000’ home
+ Easy to install
+ Value for money
+ Great system
– Minor issues

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Nuvo Water Softener Installation And Maintenance


Every Nuvo water softener is easy to install and contains almost all the components in the package.

This includes a residential unit consisting of a housing body, roof, black exterior, and cartridge. This wall-mounted panel consists of a C bracket, an L bracket, and a residential wrench and screws. This makes installation easy.

The Nuvo water softeners have a minimal weight, making them easy to install for just about anyone. If you are familiar with DIY projects, you should be able to complete the installation yourself. If not, it is best to hire a specialist.

The optimal area to set up your water softener is right next to the water heater on the primary water pipe. It is essential to determine the kind of piping in your system (copper, PVC, or PEX) so that you can procure all the tools required to cut the tubes and fit the conditioner accurately.

For example, in addition to the components that are part of the water conditioner, you may require Teflon tape, a pipe cutter, brass hex bushing, threaded pipe hex nipples, compression fixtures, copper or stainless steel pipes, PEX tubes, and a plumber’s wrench.

It is advisable to maintain the water pressure at 80 psi. If the water pressure exceeds 100 pounds per square inch, you must also fit a pressure regulator. The particular way of fitting will depend on the model of the Nuvo H2O softener you own.

In all scenarios, remove the cushioning and shrink wrap from the housing and cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is positioned correctly in the holder. Furthermore, remember that the two passageways must be at the top – the water conditioner must be upright.

Ensure the water flows through the intake port and the output port. After putting the water purifier in place, there is no need to carry out any other action. Replacement of the cartridge is all that is required regarding upkeep. You’ll spend less than with different types of water softeners.

Why Are The Nuvo Water Softeners Unique?

Nuvo H2O is the sole provider of CitraCharge Cell Technology, sanctioned by the FDA. This innovation uses a chelating agent called citrine to adjust the pH of the water.

The citrine binds to calcium and magnesium particles, preventing them from forming a layer of limescale on surfaces and inside tubes. Additionally, it facilitates the removal of any existing limescale deposits.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews From Customers

Most feedback from Nuvo’s patrons is favorable, and they especially appreciate the improved water flavor.

In addition, many individuals have reported that their skin has become smoother and more hydrated due to bathing with soft water, which prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated.

Numerous reviews have indicated that Nuvo water softener is effective in various homes. The life of appliances is extended due to decreased corrosion, and it is simpler to preserve the neatness of homes.

Nevertheless, it is improbable that any of the Nuvo H2O systems will be effective in the case of highly hard water. Therefore, it is essential to check the water before anything else.

Consumers with a high level of water hardness have expressed dissatisfaction with the Nuvo H2O, whereas those with less extreme water hardness have had positive experiences with the softeners.

If the water in your home is tough to manage and you want to avoid using salt, you can combine a Nuvo water softener with an electromagnetic system.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Complaints And Problems

Most people are happy with the Nuvo water softener. But, there are some complaints: 

  • Filtration – Nuvo water softeners can’t eliminate water contaminants. Purchase a filtration system if you’re concerned about drinking water quality.
  • Blue water – Your water will turn blue if the cartridge of the softener breaks. To solve this issue, you can shut off the conditioner, change the cartridge, and flush the blue water from your pipes.
  • Iron – Nuvo softeners do not remove iron from water. Water may continue to smell and taste like iron.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Price

The cost of a Nuvo water softener is determined by the model you pick. Additionally, the kind of system affects the price of a Nuvo water filter replacement.

The Manor, the highest-priced system from Nuvo, costs approximately $950, and each cartridge costs $81. The Home model comes at approximately $650 and is the intermediate one. Its cartridges are cheaper than the Manor’s, amounting to $63.

The most affordable version is the Studio, priced around $575, while cartridges are the most inexpensive, at $46. If you get cartridge replacements from a retailer other than Nuvo, they will be more costly than obtaining them directly from the source.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Warranty

Regardless of which Nuvo water softener you select, you will receive a 5-year guarantee. It is essential to position your air conditioner away from direct sunlight to ensure this warranty’s validity. Furthermore, if the air conditioner is installed outdoors, it must be shielded.

Nuvo Water Softener Reviews: Is It Worth the Price?

Suppose you would like to increase the longevity of your devices and plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom without introducing salt into your water. In that case, Nuvo water softener is an excellent option for you.

After purchasing the water conditioner, the only recurring cost will be the purchase of NuvoH2O replacement cartridges. This system has no additional expenses such as salt or running costs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

1. Does Nuvo soften water?

Nuvo softens water by changing calcium carbonate into calcium citrate, which is not the hard form of calcium. Instead of using ion exchange, they can achieve their goal using chelation.

2. How long does a Nuvo system last?

Nuvo softeners need replacement after 6 months or 20,000 gallons.

3. Do citric acid water softeners work?

Although citrus can reduce water’s scale, it does not completely eradicate it. Additionally, there is no scientific proof that salt-free water softeners are effective in water treatment.

4. Which is the best water softening method?

The most popular techniques for removing water hardness involve ion-exchange resin or reverse osmosis. Other options include precipitation techniques and incorporating chelating agents to sequester the hardness.

Conclusion: Nuvo Water Softener Reviews

nuvo water softener reviews

Nuvo water softeners are perfect for either small or average households, especially when there is not enough area to accommodate a bigger water softener. The lack of salt offers you double benefits. First, it stops sodium from getting into the water; second, there’s no requirement for giant containers of salt to occupy space.

In addition, chelation systems are permitted in all states, even in locations where ion exchange systems are forbidden.

With each Nuvo water softener, a bypass valve can be utilized whenever desired to bypass softened water. This could be helpful if you require a substantial quantity of water that doesn’t have to be filtered and you don’t want to expend the cartridges.

In conclusion, I suggest Nuvo systems be the ideal choice for small houses with average water hardness.

I hope this article on Nuvo water softener reviews sounds helpful!

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