APEC Water Systems Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

APEC Water Systems reviews

APEC Water Systems has been at the forefront of the industry in providing reliable, cost-effective, and efficient water systems for over 25 years. This company has become a household name for many homeowners looking for a reliable and affordable water system solution. Today, you will explore everything on APEC Water Systems reviews.

From whole house water filters to reverse osmosis systems, APEC Water Systems reviews provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of their products and services.

APEC Water Systems Review: Top 7 Water Systems







Provide unlimited refreshing water, Feed Water Pressure 20-85 psi, Polypropylene material


4.6 / 5 

APEC Essence ROES-PH75

2000 ppm maximum total dissolved solids, WQA certified system, 75 gallons capacity


4.7 / 5 

APEC Big Blue

Effectively remove sediment & chlorine, Pre-assembled complete system, Polypropylene material


4.3 / 5 

APEC RO-90 Ultimate

Comes with 100% lead-free designer faucet, Tested and certified by WQA, Polypropylene material


4.7 / 5 

APEC Essence ROES-50

100% lead-free designer faucet, 40-85 psi feed water pressure, Reverse osmosis purification


4.7 / 5 


Reverse osmosis purification, Highest grade 5-stage system, Super secure & convenient


4.5 / 5 


Highest grade 4-Stage ultra-pure system, Works for water pressure 40-80 psi, Lightweight system


4.5 / 5 

What You’ll Need

Tools required to install the water filter: 

  • Electrical tape
  • Drill & Drill pieces
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Shifter/Crescent/Adjustable Spanner
  • Tape measure
  • Nail punch and hammer
  • Pencil or pen
  • Screws
  • Stanley knife

APEC Water Systems Reviews: Features & Benefits


The APEC system has multiple features and advantages that can assist in providing potable tap water. Feedback states that these are:

Easy To Install

When you look at reviews of reverse osmosis systems, one of the most frequent comments you’ll see is their simple set up. These systems will be ideal if you’re fed up purchasing bottled water.

You will save time and money and won’t face any problems setting up the filter. With the help of a standard installation kit, you can install the filter in less than 30 minutes.

5 Stage Filtration

The ROES PH75 has a six-stage filtration system, whereas the other reverse osmosis units I review have five stages of eradicating the most substantial quantity of dissolved solids.

An APEC filter has built-in pre-filters, a sediment filter, and a carbon filter that makes water secure and delicious. This reverse osmosis filter can eliminate around 96% lead, 100% chlorine, and 95% iron before being replaced.

Social Proof

I looked all over the web to find noteworthy critiques of the APEC water filters’ reverse osmosis systems. Many APEC reviews showcased a five-star rating. The following are the customer reviews that particularly stood out: 

The Aquagear has earned an impressive 70% 5-star reviews on Amazon, with just 10% 1-star reviews. Despite some complaints that it fails to filter out as much fluoride and contaminants as advertised, the general opinion of filtered water pitchers is still quite positive.

One of the customer feedback on Amazon stated: 

“APEC water systems work perfectly. It is easy to install, and it produces great water!”

Evaluations of Home Depot feature the following observation: 

“After installation, this is in my basement, directly under the sink. I love the high-quality water APEC water system produces!”

On the web page APEC, one of the ratings mentioned in their feedback was: 

“It took a half-hour to install, but it would’ve been fast if I had watched the YouTube video. The tank didn’t take long to fill, and there were no leaks!”

A comment posted on APEC’s Facebook page reads: 

“I love that APEC water systems are easy to install and produce great-tasting water. I also love that APEC supports non-profits!”

APEC Water Systems Reviews: Things To Consider Before Buying A Water System

Before you buy any APEC water system, it is essential that you thoroughly read reviews written about the product. Through these assessments, you can learn about customers’ encounters with APEC water systems reviews, the durability of the filter, the level of customer service offered, and whether a professional plumber installed the system.

Apart from checking out the customer reviews for APEC water systems, there are certain aspects to consider before making a purchase. Before deciding which APEC reverse osmosis system would be the most suitable, it is essential to identify the water quality in your home.

Top 7 APEC Water Systems Reviews

1. APEC WFS-1000


  • US MADE super capacity filters for long-lasting, dependable filtration
  • Effectively remove chemicals (i.e., chlorine), taste, and odors
  • Provide unlimited refreshing water
  • Feed Water Pressure 20-85 psi
  • Polypropylene material
  • Carbon block purification



+ Great tasting water for little money
+ Awesome addition to your house
+ Good quality system
+ Removes sediment
+ Easy to install
+ Great flow rate
+ Zero leaks
– Minor issues

The WFS-1000 is an ordinary non-reverse osmosis filtration system installed beneath the sink. It provides a finishing touch to the water, mainly dealing with problems concerning flavor.

This 3-stage system can purify tap or pre-treated well water. Still, it will only effectively remove bigger substances such as sediment, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants. Unfortunately, it is not strong enough to eliminate pollutants in heavily polluted water.

It is possible to enhance the system via specialized cartridges, such as the WFS-1000-FP filter, which utilizes activated alumina to reduce fluoride levels from .5 ppm to .1 ppm and eliminate bacteria.

The WFS-1000-PB was engineered to take out the lead and conform to the NSF Standard 53 criteria. Thus, it is sure to offer reliable lead reduction. Additionally, a filter removes chloramines and hydrogen sulfide. A single cartridge can purify up to 1,500 gallons.

Regardless of the version, all filters are produced in the United States & meet the highest quality requirements. Additionally, the superior filtration rate lets you fill a huge pitcher quickly, making it excellent for large families. Ultimately, this system allows you to get delicious drinking water at a reasonable cost.

Reviews from customers


B-Willy is happy with the purchase of APEC WFS-1000. He said, “This filter immediately removed the sediment from the water, which is great. The flavor of the water is also very good and clean. Flow rate appears undisturbed by the installation of the filer, which is very easy if you have basic plumbing skills and can use a wrench.”

Stuart Bernstein said, “High-quality US-made filter system. Take standard refills. No loss in pressure — impressive for a triple filter.”

2. APEC Essence ROES-PH75


  • Polypropylene material
  • Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline purification
  • 40-85 PSI operating pressure range
  • 2000 ppm maximum total dissolved solids
  • WQA certified system
  • 75 gallons capacity



+ Great water taste
+ Good water quality
+ Amazing customer service
+ Easy to install
+ Very nice RO
+ Great value
+ No leakage
– Water wastage

The APEC ESSENCE ROES-PH75 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System is a 6-stage filtration process that utilizes a semi-permeable membrane combined with numerous filters to take out nearly all of the total dissolved solids from drinking water.

This filtration system contains every component necessary for self-installation, including a comprehensive guidebook.

The APEC Reverse Osmosis Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-PH75) contains five filters and a semi-permeable membrane, providing a great way to purify water for residential and commercial applications.

The filtration process does not alter the alkaline taste of the water, making it one of the best options for clean and pure drinking water.

APEC ROES PH75 is similar to the ROES-50. Nonetheless, some distinctions include an extra remineralization level and a membrane. The membrane of this water system is robust, producing 75 gallons of water each day.

Reviews from customers


Citizen Joe said, “I bought APEC Essence ROES-PH75 to replace a 20-year-old RO system. It was an easy install for me, but it could be challenging if you don’t have the necessary tools or the knowledge to hook it up to your plumbing system. In that case, you may want your smart in-laws, parents, or a plumber to help. The water produced is better than bottled water from the store.”

Jeremy Steven Looney said, “If you want your water filter to protect you from harmful unfiltered water, buy this. First of all, it’s a 6-stage reverse osmosis filter. On top of that, you get Alkaline ph water. I also chose this filter because it’s made in the US.”

3. APEC Big Blue


  • Filter 70, 000 gallons of water before changing the cartridge
  • Granular activated carbon, Sedimentation purification
  • Effectively remove sediment & chlorine
  • Pre-assembled complete system
  • Polypropylene material
  • 1 inches material



+ Destroys iron and sulfur smell from well water
+ Good solid product for the money
+ Water is clear and tastes great
+ Great 3-stage system
+ Nice kit works well
– Costly

The APEC company provides four 20″ Big Blue whole house filter systems for essential filtration requirements.

This All Purpose 20″ Big Blue sediment filter removes sand, silt, dirt, rust, and other particles larger than 30 microns in size.

This filter can endure different chemicals and bacteria and be washed and reused for a long period, helping you save money. Its pressure drop is hardly discernible, even at the maximum flow rate.

The All Purpose 20″ Big Blue filter contains granular activated carbon optimized for processing chlorinated tap water. This filter functions for either 70,000 gallons or 1 year, whichever period is shorter, and serves to enhance water quality. It is appropriate for scenarios where the water flow is incredibly speedy.

The most widespread of the Multi-Purpose Big Blue 20″ filters is the combination sediment and carbon filter, which is already put together and prepared for installation.

The Multi-Purpose 20” Big Blue filter combination eliminates sediment, chlorine, iron staining, and a metallic taste in the water. The iron removal cartridge of the system can provide service for a maximum of 80,000 gallons of water with a maximum iron content of 1 part per million. Additionally, it is offered pre-assembled and ready to be mounted.

Generally, the cost is reasonable. Substitute filters are available at a sensible price as well. However, don’t anticipate astounding results in the water purification that can be accomplished.

Reviews from customers


Tim Kiser has a great buying experience. He said, “The APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System arrived during the projected timeframe. I installed it shortly afterward, and it works as advertised. After the suggested gallon usage has expired, I’ll need to buy additional filters for the system. I’ll buy from this vendor again.”

James Langeland said, “I noticed a huge difference after adding this system. The rust and chlorine odor is gone! Installation was pretty easy using shark bite fittings. Good company with helpful customer service.”

4. APEC RO-90 Ultimate


  • Enjoy unlimited ultra-fresh, clean, great-tasting water
  • Reverse osmosis, Carbon block purification
  • Comes with a 100% lead-free designer faucet
  • Tested and certified by WQA
  • Polypropylene material
  • 90 gallons capacity



+ Great product and customer service
+ Amazing soft water system
+ Great-tasting water
+ Worth the money
+ Easy to install
+ Good quality
+ Clean water
– Pressure rate drops very quickly

The APEC RO-90 Ultimate is a more powerful reverse osmosis system than the ROES-50 and the Essence ROES-PH75. It can produce roughly twice the amount of water per day as a standard under-sink reverse osmosis system.

The APEC RO-90 Ultimate is identical to the other APEC RO systems, except that it can produce 90 GPD of filtered water. 

The system employs five stages of purifying to lessen the presence of several pollutants in water, for instance, 98.3% chromium-6, 96.8% lead, and 93.8% fluoride, in addition to the usual pollutants (like sediment, chlorine taste, and odor, etc.). All in all, the system can reduce up to 98-99% of total dissolved solids.

This reverse osmosis system has acquired the WQA Gold Seal Certification to NSF Standard 58, which ensures its reliability, structural integrity, and safety. Additionally, an option to add a remineralization calcite stage to the system is available to enhance the taste and pH of water.

Although the rate of filtered water to wastewater is not the best, at almost $230, it is a reasonable price.

Reviews from customers


Mariah is delighted with the purchase of APEC RO-90 Ultimate. She said, “Finally decided on this unit and am so glad I did! The water is amazing! I have had it for 9 months and haven’t had to change a filter yet. The water tastes perfect, and the unit works great. I can fill about 2 gallons swiftly until it slows down and needs to refill the tank. Excellent unit! Highly recommended for anyone who is on the fence about a water filter to give this a try.”

Dungeondog highly recommends APEC RO-90 Ultimate. This system performs to the highest standard and, in my opinion, has a very fair price with exceptional quality, and the replacement filters are reasonably priced as well.”

5. APEC Essence ROES-50


  • 2000 ppm maximum total dissolved solids
  • 100% lead-free designer faucet
  • 40-85 psi feed water pressure
  • Reverse osmosis purification
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Apec material



+ Fantastic water quality
+ Special installation with unusual adaptations
+ Great product and technical support
+ Excellent RO unit
+ Easy setup
+ Good value
– Slow water flow

The APEC Essence ROES-50 is among Amazon’s most sought-after reverse osmosis water purifiers.

This device provides a five-stage filtration process for treating well water and making it safe for consumption & culinary purposes.

A thin-film composite reverse osmosis membrane with various media types will effectively eliminate up to 99% of numerous contaminants, like chlorine, volatile organic compounds, lead, fluoride, arsenic, microbial pollutants, and general total dissolved solids. This will also have a noticeable impact on the aesthetics of the water.

The filtration and flow rates are ample enough to accommodate small and larger households without extended delays.

The proportion of recovered water to the amount lost is 1:3, which is typical for all domestic reverse osmosis systems.

Reviews from customers


PAUL D., a resident of the United States, said, “This Reverse Osmosis unit is the best way to save money. Bottled water has gotten SO expensive, and this RO unit will pay for itself in a couple of months. It was easy to install, and the water tastes great.”

Joy Davis said, “My plumber installed the RO in forty minutes. The water tastes great. I love the fact the filters only have to be changed yearly. The water pressure from the included faucet is really good.”



  • Non-electric, Battery powered source
  • Reverse osmosis purification
  • A highest-grade 5-stage system
  • Super secure & convenient
  • Polypropylene material



+ Great-tasting water
+ Easy installation
+ Unbelievable quality and support
+ Good value
+ No leaks
– Noisy

If you experience inadequate water pressure, APEC RO PERM systems meet your water purification requirements. As with other APEC water systems, this one is simple to assemble and requires little care.

RO PERM is structured to work with weak water pressures between 30-50 psi. A non-electrical pump is utilized to speed up the tank filling process. Thereby increasing the flow speed of the faucet. 

This system can save up to 80% more water than usual, making it the most effective choice for those with wells and connected tap water.

RO-PERM exclusively uses filters made in the USA and have been highly rated, such as the well-known Dow Filmtec membrane, which provides water purification not achievable with just basic filters.

These filters are much more potent than other brands, offering twice the capacity and longer service life. The membrane they use ensures the highest level of efficiency and durability. You can expect superior performance and low upkeep with these superior filters!

Reviews from customers


Robert Russo said, “I was pleasantly surprised that it only took me about 40 minutes to install! The 4-gallon tank filled up in about 90 minutes. After purging the system, the water quality was excellent. The water out of the system has no odor or bad taste. This is a much better option than buying tons of bottled water and also more convenient to get right out of the faucet at the sink.”

Mr. Jack Badger said, “Very straightforward installation and excellent instructions. Very good performance. Very impressive results and throughput.Overall very pleased with this purchase!”



  • 90 GPD portable system built with high-capacity filters
  • Activated carbon, Reverse osmosis purification
  • Highest grade 4-Stage ultra-pure system
  • Works for water pressure 40-80 psi
  • Lightweight system



+ Easy-to-install RO system that offers excellent quality filtered water
+ The water is crystal clear & no longer has a strong chlorine smell
+ Works great to fix water for beer
+ Expensive but worth every penny
+ No leakage
– Water wastage

APEC has created another reverse osmosis water filter, a countertop system suitable for carrying around. It allows you to receive filtered water from any compatible faucet.

A major advantage of a countertop water dispenser is that it doesn’t require any installation, meaning it won’t involve making any permanent modifications to the plumbing setup. 

This is especially useful for those who are renting a place. You need to connect it, and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, the APEC RO-CTOP is perfect for more confined areas due to the lack of a reservoir.

This filtration system comprises 4 levels, with the second one reducing the average amount of chlorine by over 95%, which meets the NSF Standard 42 certification.

Additionally, the RO-CTOP includes an identical membrane of 90 gpd, similar to the one in the APEC Ultimate RO-90, and it can reject up to 98-99% of the TDS.

Reviews from customers


Daniel Glazewski said, “This system is perfect if you rent a house/apartment. No need to alter or install anything permanent to your existing plumbing. I purchased this unit for my adult children, who rent a house in Southwest Florida. This system is perfect if you rent a house/apartment. I have purchased 2 systems personally, installed 2 (apex RO 90), and had no issues or complaints.”

Mitch said. “I use this daily for drinking water and coffee brewing. The water it dispenses is only ~10-15 ppm, which is close enough to pure for me.”

APEC Water Systems Reviews: Why Should You Choose APEC?

Here are the reasons to choose APEC water systems in the first place and not opt for a different brand or company: 

  • DIY – Reverse osmosis and whole house APEC systems can be set up with just a fundamental knowledge of plumbing. You don’t need to contact an expert and waste money on the process.
  • Free drinking water charity program – The APEC Free Drinking Water charity program donates two reverse osmosis water filtration systems, either the ROES-50 or the RO-CTOP, to people in low-income households with health conditions that will be improved by drinking clean water. Those living within the 48 contiguous United States are eligible to participate in this program. Purchasing a system from APEC will enable you to help the program.
  • Standard-sized filters – All APEC filters’ dimensions are uniform, making it convenient to locate less expensive replacement options to cut costs.
  • WQA gold seal – Both the APEC RO-90 and the RO-PH90 have been granted the WQA Gold Seal, as sanctioned by the NSF Standard 58, for assurance of the materials and components’ safety, stability, and effectiveness in removing impurities. Examined pollutants are arsenic-5, chromium-3, chromium-6, fluoride, lead, organic compounds, and total dissolved solids.
  • Certified support – The customer helpdesk personnel of APEC come with the Water Quality Association certification, meaning they are experts in water-related issues. A few Amazon customers have complained that customer service can sometimes be difficult to contact.
  • Warranty – For assurance, a one-year limited warranty is included with each system, covering any flaws in craftsmanship or materials. You must register your product with APEC within 8 weeks of purchasing it to be eligible for a 2-year warranty. This warranty applies to residential RO systems and WFS-1000 and is only valid for customers living in the 48 contiguous states.

APEC Water Systems Reviews: How APEC Compares To Competitors

Compared to leading companies such as Waterdrop, Aquasana, Pelican, and Homemaster, APEC holds up. Examining reviews of each of these brands will reveal that APEC is one of the top brands to help with water contamination issues. Customers who wrote reviews stated that the water from their tap was free of any substances, had no odor, and tasted better.

APEC Water Systems Reviews: My Verdict

apec water systems reviews

After going through my assessments of APEC Water Systems, you likely have developed your viewpoint regarding the brand’s items.

However, if you’re interested to know, this is my opinion.

APEC’s reverse osmosis systems have many positive characteristics. The NSF approval is comforting, the water flow rate is satisfactory, and the lifespan of the filters is acceptable. I am also pleased to have such a wide range of choices for flow rate, remineralization, as well as the placement of the installation.

I don’t believe that APEC’s reverse osmosis systems are the most exceptional on the market, yet I concede that they are among the best for the cost.

It is feasible to buy a system with a better flow rate, a superior pure-to-wastewater production rate, and a more attractive design. Still, it would cost twice as much and not provide a significant advantage. An APEC system should be sufficient for families of moderate to large size and on a strict budget.

APEC Water Systems Reviews: Potential Setbacks

Here are the potential setbacks of APEC water systems: 

Potential Quality Issues

Numerous customers have voiced their grievances regarding problems with their APEC water systems, including leakage, a peculiar taste, and even complete malfunction. These complaints are not widespread, but there are some issues with the quality of APEC’s products.

Poor Efficiency Ratios

Currently, the most effective reverse osmosis systems offer a ratio of either 1:2, 1:1, or even as high as 2:1, which is much better than the 1:3 ratio that APEC provides.

When you can purchase a system that only utilizes 1-2 gallons of water to produce a single gallon of filtered drinking water, why would you opt for a system that employs 3 gallons of water for the same outcome?

Non-RO Systems Are Lacking

APEC is renowned for its reverse osmosis (RO) systems, while its other products are satisfactory but not remarkable. Most of them lack NSF certification, and they can only enhance certain water qualities, such as its taste.

The cost-effectiveness of their products is not that great. If you are looking for a cost-effective water purification system, it would be better to pay an additional $50 for an APEC RO system.

APEC Water Systems Reviews: Alternatives To APEC

When it comes to APEC and other top-notch companies like Waterdrop, Aquasana, Pelican, and Homemaster, APEC stands out as a reliable choice. Through customer reviews, one can learn that APEC is a go-to brand for tackling water-related issues.

Consumers who left reviews reported that the water from their faucets was without contamination, had no bad smell, and had a superior flavor.

Aquasana OPTIMH20

Aquasana OptimH2O’s reverse osmosis filter is a small unit that can be set up beneath the sink. It can generate up to 36 gallons of water daily. According to several ratings, this product does not provide an adequate amount of value for its cost compared to other similar items regarding performance and quality.

Check Price


Waterdrop offers a tankless option that provides a regular drinking water glass in around 12 seconds. This item can produce 1 gallon of water for every gallon it consumes, and it only takes 45 minutes to set it up.

Check Price

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On APEC Water Systems Reviews

1. Is APEC water made in USA?

I decided to go with the APEC System, made in the United States, compared to the other options available on Amazon. APEC filters are highly efficient.

2. Does APEC reverse osmosis remove chlorine?

APEC Water Systems, a renowned maker of reverse osmosis systems, developed and put together the ROES-50 in America. This cost-effective machine is known for its effectiveness in water purification and has a successful history. 

3. Does APEC Water System remove fluoride?

This system can successfully diminish fluoride levels in the water. Thereby eliminating health issues caused by excessive fluoride intake.

4. Who owns APEC water?

APEC Water Systems is a member of the Culligan Family.

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Summary: APEC Water Systems Reviews

Like all other water systems, it is essential to understand the benefits of purchasing an APEC water system before purchase. It is also essential to evaluate your tap water quality and the purity of local water sources.

With the wide variety of models and sizes, you can choose the APEC water system that best fits your needs and budget. 

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to fill your family’s water needs and still get excellent water quality, then the WFS-1000 is a high-quality option. 

But if you want something more sophisticated and efficient, then the RO-90 is the way to go, as it has a 5-stage filtration system offering 5 times more capacity.

I hope this article on APEC water systems reviews sounds helpful! Feel free to comment down your opinions in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article if you liked it. Thank you!


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