Alexapure Water Filter Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

alexapure water filter review

Is the Alexapure water filter worth your money? Find out from this Alexapure water filter review!

The Alexapure water filter is a revolutionary water filtration system that has gained much attention recently. It promises to provide users with clean and safe drinking water, and its sleek design has made it an attractive choice for many households. 

But is it really worth your money? In this Alexapure water filter review, we’ll look at its features, performance, and cost to help you decide if it’s the right filtration system for you. We’ll also compare it to other popular water filters on the market so that you can make an informed decision. 

FAQs on Alexapure Water Filter Review

1. Which type of water can I use to fill the Alexapure?

The Alexapure can fill with any freshwater. This includes water from a well, a city water system, or a lake or stream. But remember that you should never load the filter with salt water as it will damage the filter.

2. What types of contaminants does the Alexapure filter take out?

Alexapure does an excellent job of eliminating or reducing more than 200 contaminants from water, including nitrite, aluminum, arsenic, lead, chromium-6, chloramines, chlorine, and others.

3. Does Alexapure remove fluoride?

Yes! It reduces 97.6% sodium fluoride, 95.2% hexafluorosilicate, and 95.1% fluorosilicic acid. 

4. Does the pH level change after water filtration?

Filtration might raise the pH level, making the water slightly more alkaline. This is because specific contaminants can make the water more acidic, which increases the alkalinity while removing those pollutants.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Overview

An Alexapure water filter is an excellent solution to ensure the water is pure and safe. This filtration system removes more than 99.99% of the harmful contaminants found in water. These contaminants include bacteria, viruses, germs, parasites, cysts, chemicals, heavy metals, and more. 

alexapure water filter review

While many water filters can remove some contaminants, only an Alexapure water filter can do so completely. The filtering process takes place inside the water filter cartridge. The 530 activated carbon layers arranged in alternating shapes fill this cartridge. 

These alternating shapes allow the carbon to absorb the harmful contaminants in the water while also allowing water to pass through the filter layers. 

Even small molecules will be absorbed by the carbon, making the filtered water safe to drink. The activated carbon layer makes this water filter capable of removing harmful contaminants from water.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: How it Works?

The Alexapure water filter cleans water in a four-step process:

Step 1: Activated Carbon Block Filters

The first stage in the Alexapure water filter is where activated carbon blocks take center stage. This type of filter removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and bad tastes and odors. 

This stage focuses on chlorine specifically, as it can cause health issues such as dizziness and nausea when ingested at high levels over a sustained period. 

Moreover, activated carbon blocks can absorb up to 99% of particles larger than one micron, allowing you to drink without worry and wash your clothes in filtered water to keep them clean for longer!

Step 2: Submicron Filtration Media

In Stage 2 of the Alexapure water filter system lies the submicron filters capable of removing even smaller particles than those caught by activated carbon blocks. 

These filters target particles sized 0.01 microns or larger, trapping sediment like silt, and small debris from river runoff or agricultural waste, decreasing their size until they become entirely undetectable in the filtered water.

Is the Alexapure water filter worth your money? Find out from this Alexapure water filter review!

Step 3: Ion Exchange Resin

During the third phase, ion exchange resin further reduces harmful impurities, such as excess minerals or chemicals typically found in local water sources due to environmental factors or industrial waste. 

This component ensures that every sip of filtered water serves its purpose as nutrient-rich water! Additionally, it removes Sodium which can cause stomach irritation if consumed in large quantities over a sustained period.

Step 4: Antimicrobial Protection

Finally, we have an additional layer called an “antimicrobial protection mesh,” which wraps around each filter before entering your cup! This mesh helps prevent bacteria growth by stopping contamination at the source, so your glass stays pure for extended periods.

The Alexapure water filter offers quality results for users who desire contaminate-free drinking water. Its combination of efficient filter types takes care of more than what meets the eye – removing both large and small particulates from local sources while adding extra security against bacterial contamination with its antimicrobial protection layer – promising 100% satisfaction with optimal safety!

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Features

The Alexapure series of water filters is one of the market’s most well-known and reliable manufacturers. Alexapure was initially created for camping, but it has now become one of the best options for home water filters

What makes Alexapure so unique? Here are some of the features that make them stand out from other water filters: 

1. Ceramic Filter Core

Alexapure’s ceramic filter core comprises several layers that prevent bacteria, cysts, and large particles from entering your drinking water. 

The filter core also includes activated carbon, which can absorb harmful chemicals like chlorine and lead. In addition, the ceramic filter core can also reduce scale build-up in pipes and other parts of your plumbing system. 

2. Filtration Capacity 

Compared to most other filter models, the Alexapure cartridge can filter up to 5,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. This increased capacity means you’ll go longer between replacements and save a considerable amount on maintenance costs over time. 

3. Durable Design 

One nice thing about an Alexapure system is its rugged construction. Its compact design allows it to fit easily under sinks or in other tight spaces, making it an excellent choice for busy families who don’t have a lot of counter space or storage room in their kitchens. 

Moreover, its stainless steel housing ensures it won’t rust over time when exposed to higher chlorine levels or other contaminants. 

4. Enhanced Performance 

In addition to providing clean drinking water on demand, an Alexapure water filter system enhances food flavor. 

It reduces unpleasant mineral taste or odor from municipal or well water sources that might otherwise leave unappealing aftertastes behind in cooked food recipes or drinks prepared with untreated hydration sources.

5. Advanced Activated Carbon Filter

The Alexapure water filter utilizes advanced activated carbon filter technology, which surpasses NSF standards and reduces the risk of consuming harmful chemicals such as chlorine by up to 99%. 

This advanced filter actively removes impurities, including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals that may be present in tap water.

6. Three-Stage Filtration Process

This filtration system consists of three stages; sediment pre-filter, carbon block filter, and sub-micron post-filter. 

These filtration stages improve the flavor and odor of water while providing crystal-clear water and protecting your appliance by removing any large particles like sediment or rust that may be present in tap water.

The Alexapure Water Filter system is one of the leading water filtration devices on the market. This system has been designed to reduce chlorine, bad taste, odors, and other pollutants from your drinking water. It also provides enhanced microbial protection for a fresher and safer drinking experience.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Pros and Cons

Due to its remarkable filtration capacities, the Alexapure water filter is one of the finest options for choosing a water filter. Many want to know if investing in a product like this is worth it. 

In this article section, I will explain the pros and cons of the Alexapure Water Filter Review to help you make an informed decision.



Let’s begin with the benefits of Alexapure water filter, and that includes:

1. Effective Filtration 

The Alexapure water filter gives you impressive filtration technology, making it one of the best-performing systems available today. It cleans up the taste and texture of your tap water by removing impurities, including silt, heavy metals, cysts, viruses, and more.

2. Easy Installation 

One thing that makes Alexapure stand out is its ease-of-installation feature. This system only requires minimal plumbing skills and no drilling since it comes equipped with its installation kit, including all the necessary pipes and fittings needed for setup.

3. Long-Lasting Cartridge Filters

Another advantage to owning an Alexapure water filter system is that it uses long-lasting cartridge filters that can last up to 6 months before needing replacement, granting you more extended periods between maintenance cycles than other models on the market.

4. Low Cost 

The Alexapure system also offers excellent value for money as it comes in at a much lower cost than other filtration systems, providing comparable results regarding contaminant removal effectiveness.


Even though Alexapure is an incredible water filter and possesses many benefits it also has a few cons and that includes:

1. Noise Level 

Users have reported noise issues associated with their Alexa Pure Water condenser block when it has reached the end of its service life already or when particulates in unfiltered water supply sources such as wells or rivers, which have higher levels of sedimentation than usual, have clogged it up and need to be cleaned, despite its efficient cleaning performance.

2. Filter Replacement Cost 

Another potential downside to using an Alexapure water filter is its cartridge filters’ cost when needing replacement, as they can get quite pricey depending on where you shop and if they’re available locally or not yet shipped from overseas distributors or suppliers who may charge extra shipping fees upon ordering them online instead.

3. Areas With High Pressure Require Boosters 

To avoid overworking the suction control regulator diaphragm, users who live in high-pressure locations might need booster pumps connected to their main lines.

4. Not Ideal for Whole-House Filtration

The Alexapure water filter is a good system for filtering tap water, but it is not for whole-house filtration systems, so there will be better options for you if you require a whole-house filter.

Despite a few limitations, such as the noise level and the cost of new filters, Alexapure offers many advantages and is one of the market’s most widely used water filters.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Performance 

The Alexapure water filter is designed to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water, including chlorine, lead, and fluoride. 

alexapure water filter review

It can also remove contaminants like bacteria, particulate matter, and cysts. It’s one of the best water filters on the market for removing lead, cysts, and particulate matter, and it’s also NSF-certified, which means you know it’s safe to drink. 

The Alexapure filter also reduces chlorine levels to around 0.5 mg/L, which is ideal for protecting your water from bacteria. While it doesn’t eliminate chlorine, it’s an excellent alternative to bottled water, which is more expensive and wasteful. 

The Alexapure filter has a flow rate of 0.1 gallons per minute, which is suitable for smaller households. It’s also easy to install and use, with a sleek design that looks great under most sinks. It has a capacity of 16 gallons and a carbon block filter that removes chlorine and lead.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Cost 

A countertop filter that works with any source of tap water is the Alexapure water filter. It has an average monthly water consumption of about 2 to 3 gallons per day, depending on your water source. 

The average cost of running the Alexapure water filter is about $0.11 per gallon. This makes it an affordable option since most other water filtration systems cost between $0.25 and $0.50 per gallon.                                               


Alexapure Water Filter Review: Warranty 

A 30-day “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty are available with the Alexapure.After the initial 30 days, there are no returns available. 

The company does offer in-store credit on returned merchandise but does not provide cash refunds.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Maintenance & Care

One of the most crucial factors to remember when using an Alexapure water filter is to change the filter cartridge every six months. 


Changing the filter cartridge every six months is essential. It will clean the carbon block tank by removing impurities and leading the filter cartridge to work even better. 

You can easily clean the filter cartridge while the water runs in the filter. Simply use a sponge with plain water, and rinse the filter cartridge off after the water has finished running through it.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Lifespan

The filter’s long life makes the Alexapure water filtration system a top choice. The Alexapure filter has a five-year lifespan (depending on its usage). Other filter systems may require yearly replacement, which is inconvenient and a waste of money.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Installation

The Alexapure countertop filter system is easy to install. There are no water or electrical pipes for plugging in. The gravity-feed system requires no additional plumbing or power to function anyplace. All you have to do is remove it from the box, assemble it, fill it with things, and let it operate.

Alexapure Water Filter Review: Competitive Comparison

When selecting a filter, it is essential to pick one dependable. In this part of the Alexapure water filter review, I will explain how the Alexapure water filtration system stacks up against other water filters available in the market.


1. Alexapure vs. Propur Big

Both the Propur Big and the Alexapure feature an exterior of stainless steel. However, the Propur Big’s filters must be replaced annually, whereas the Alexapure’s last much longer. The Propur Big eliminates lead particles, while the Alexapure more effectively removes radioactive chemicals. However, installing the Propur Big is more complex than the Alexapure.

The Propur Big also costs more than the Alexapure.

2. Alexapure vs. AquaCera 

Both Alexapure and AquaCera have high-grade stainless steel designs that are capable of eliminating pollutants. Still, the AquaCera stands out due to its availability of various filter selections that enable users to customize it to their particular requirements. 

Despite this being a standout feature, the Alexapure has a more extended filter life and comes with a more advanced spigot.

3. Alexapure vs. Berkey

The Alexapure water filtration system and the Big Berkey have several similarities, with the Big Berkey being the more renowned of the two. Both products have stainless steel exterior shells capable of producing large volumes of clean drinking water. 

The Alexapure can supply up to 5,000 gallons of H2O, while the original Alexapure filter can yield 2.25 gallons. The Big Berkey, however, produces 3,000 gallons with each filter. But still, you have to purchase additional filters to eliminate fluoride and desalinate saltwater.

Tips to Make Your Water Filter Last Longer

Your Alexapure water heater is a valuable and necessary appliance that can last years if taken care of properly. Replacing a water heater can be expensive in terms of money and time. 

However, there are things you can consider to maximize the performance and lifespan of your Alexapure water heater. Here’s how to make an Alexapure water heater last longer: 

1.  Inspect Your Tank Annually 

Have a professional inspect your tank once a year for signs of corrosion or leaks that may result due to accumulated deposits inside your tank. These deposits should be removed regularly with an approved cleaner to keep your system running at optimal levels. 

2. Insulate Exposed Pipes 

If the pipes leading to and from your tank are exposed, they will lose heat more quickly than those insulated. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that all exposed lines entering and leaving your tank are covered in insulation. Doing this will also help prevent freezing during cold weather months.  

3. Drain Your Tank Every 6 Months 

Draining your tank every six months helps reduce sediment build-up inside the unit, which can clog up the system over time and decrease its efficiency. Make sure to use a hose attached to an outdoor faucet so any sediment won’t end up in a drainpipe near your home or garden area.

4. Check Thermostat Settings Regularly 

The water temperature on electric models should never exceed 140°F (60°C), while gas models should not exceed 120°F (49°C). 

Make sure you check your thermostat settings every couple of months and adjust them as needed, make sure to keep them within these recommended temperatures for optimal performance and energy efficiency. 

5. Install Limescale Prevention Devices 

Calcium carbonate build-up inside the water heating system can cause limescale, which can cause severe damage if not kept in check. Installing limescale prevention devices such as magnetic filters or power flushes will help reduce limescale build-up while keeping internal components clean for optimum performance levels in an Alexapure water heater.

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Conclusion: Alexapure Water Filter Review

If you are looking for a filtration system that is affordable, easy to use, and designed to provide clean drinking water, the Alexapure water filter is worth considering. The Alexapure Water Filter is one of the latest water filtration systems to hit the market. 

It promises to deliver clean and pure drinking water, eliminating all contaminants and pollutants that can cause health problems. 

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