Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride: Secrets Behind It

does distilled water have fluoride

Fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens your teeth and bones. But does distilled water have fluoride? Fluoride is an essential mineral that helps protect teeth from decay and helps build strong bones. But it is not present in all types of water. 

Distilled water is purified water that is boiled and condensed to remove contaminants like fluoride. While it is true that some distilled water contains fluoride traces, it is not similar to the fluoride found in municipal water supplies.

Health professionals are still determining the benefits of fluoride. Even though there is controversy regarding its safety, many people would prefer not to ingest it through tap water.

If you want to keep your fluoride intake to a minimum, the first step would be to avoid drinking water with fluoride. You may have heard that distilling water can eliminate fluoride – but is this correct? Does distilled water have fluoride?

In this article, you’ll look in detail at the distillation process, how to generate purified water, and whether it’s worth using this method for fluoride removal.

Pros And Cons Of Fluoride


Before you get the answer, does distilled water have fluoride? First, let us see the pros and cons of fluoride.

If you’re searching for fluoride, you will likely understand its potential benefits and drawbacks. Here is a short overview of the advantages and disadvantages associated with fluoride.

Pros Of Fluoride

Researchers state that fluoride benefits dental hygiene and helps avoid cavities and general tooth decay.

The Environmental Protection Agency states an upper limit of 4.0 milligrams per liter of fluoride in tap water. This prevents people from consuming too much fluoride.

Cons Of Fluoride

Drinking water with appropriate fluoride should not lead to health issues. However, consuming too much of this mineral in tap water can potentially lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, neurological symptoms, and hypertension.

When fluoride is mixed with carbon, it creates fluorocarbon. It has a great capacity to contribute to the global warming phenomenon.

Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride: How Does Distilling Water Remove Fluoride?

Does distilled water have fluoride? The answer is No. Distilled water doesn’t have fluoride.

Yes, distilling water removes fluoride from drinking water. Distillation is the most effective way to purify water. It produces the cleanest water. Essentially, distilled water is composed of H2O molecules.

Let us now see how distilling water removes fluoride step-by-step: 

  • Fill water in the boiling container, plug the distiller into a nearby electrical socket, and turn it on.
  • When boiling water reaches the boiling point, it begins to evaporate. The vaporized water then passes through a refrigerated area and transforms into liquid water drops. At the same time, impurities that are unable to vaporize are left behind in the chamber.
  • Water then passes through a small activated carbon filter in the distiller’s spout. It eliminates the trace contaminants that evaporate & condense with water.
  • At the end of the steam distillation process, distilled water is discharged from the spout and collected in a clean container.

Distillers not only remove fluoride but also remove other impurities from the drinking water. The boiling & cooling process removes impurities with a boiling point of more than 212 °F (100 °C). The distillation process for a 1-gallon batch takes 4-6 hours.

Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride: Pros & Cons Of Using Distillation For Fluoride Removal


Now come the pros and cons of using a distiller to remove fluoride: 


Here are the pros of using distillation to remove fluoride: 

  • Guarantees fluoride removal –  It is virtually impossible to find fluoride in distilled water. When you use a water filtration system, it will not entirely take out fluoride. The only way to virtually eliminate this chemical is to use a purifying process such as distillation.
  • Easy to maintain – A distiller requires almost no upkeep. There is no need to replace filter cartridges, and the device does not necessitate regeneration or backwashing. Clean the boiling chamber to stop contaminants from buildup on the inside surfaces. Purchase additional carbon filters for the spout.
  • Saves money – Investing in a distiller can be cost-effective. Consuming distilled water can also help you save money.
  • Affordable – Distiller cost is around $150-300. You don’t need to spend any more money, apart from purchasing carbon filters ($10 for a bundle of 10). The maintenance cost of a distiller is also low.
  • Purified water – Distilled water is free from more than 99.9% of contaminants. A water distiller is a perfect choice if you want safe drinking water.


Here are the cons of using distillation to remove fluoride: 

  • Flat taste of water – Purified water is usually tasteless because it lacks minerals that give it an alkaline flavor.
  • Needs electricity – It is necessary to run your distiller continuously. Distillers run through electricity, so you will see the difference in your electricity bills.

Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride: Are Water Distillers Worth?

Does distilled water have fluoride? No! But, if you’re confused whether a water distiller is worth it or not, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself: 

  • Are you ready to wait for the water purification process, or do you want instant access to filtered water?
  • Are you ready for the daily investments & maintenance of the water distiller?
  • Do you prefer drinking water free from all impurities and essential minerals or drinking fluoride-free water that still contains healthy minerals?
  • Are you happy to drink distilled water? Or would you want to drink water that hasn’t been wholly purified and has an exciting taste?
  • Are you ready to pay the initial price of a water distiller and electricity to have constant access to distilled water?

If you are ready with all these questions, you can buy a water distiller.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride

1. Can distilled water contain fluoride?

Any bottled water labelled as deionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled will not contain any fluoride or only a negligible amount unless it is mentioned as a separate constituent.

2. Is distilled water the same as fluoride free?

The distillation process eliminates all fluoride traces and other dangerous substances from the water so that the final product does not contain any of these substances. The efficacy of water distillation is so great that it can eliminate virtually any material from the water.

3. Is distilled water free of fluoride and chlorine?

The water accessible through the fountains in grocery stores is regularly distilled or purified and is free of chlorine, fluoride, minerals, and bacterial pollutants.

4. What water has fluoride?

Generally, the fluoride amount in water is too low to impact the risk of tooth decay. Yet, certain types of groundwater and natural springs have naturally elevated fluoride levels. Fluoride can provide a protection degree to teeth from cavities.

Summary: Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride


Does distilled water have fluoride? Distilled water has several benefits and is pure and free from contaminants. While distilled water is suitable for drinking, it does not have fluoride.

But, avoid drinking distilled water because it does not contain the nutrients for optimal health. A distiller is your best bet if you are looking for the best way to keep fluoride out of your drinking water.

A distiller can effectively remove fluoride from drinking water and be used in addition to other methods. A distiller removes more impurities from drinking water than other water purification methods. It produces high-quality drinking water at the end of the process. A well-made distiller can remove more than 99.9% of all impurities. The only impurities left behind are carbon traces that can be safely removed using carbon filters.

I hope this article on does distilled water have fluoride sounds helpful!

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