Atmor Tankless Review: A Game-Changer In Home Water Heating

Atmor is a renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge and energy-efficient tankless water heaters. These state-of-the-art appliances are specifically crafted to deliver hot water instantly, bypassing the requirement for a conventional storage tank. Today, you will learn everything about the Atmor tankless review.

Atmor’s tankless water heaters present numerous benefits compared to traditional systems. With their compact dimensions, they are particularly suitable for space-constrained homes.

By heating water solely upon demand, Atmor water heaters contribute to decreased energy usage and subsequent cost savings on utility bills. Moreover, Atmor’s tankless water heaters are celebrated for their robustness and extended lifespan. In this article, you’ll explore the Atmor Tankless review.

Atmor Tankless Review: How Reliable Is It?

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Atmor Tankless Review: Introduction

Atmor has earned a solid reputation as a respected manufacturer known for its outstanding tankless water heaters. These state-of-the-art units are specifically engineered to deliver instant hot water without relying on a conventional storage tank.

Atmor’s tankless water heaters present many benefits compared to traditional systems. With their compact size, they are well-suited for homes with limited space. By heating water on demand, they effectively minimize energy usage and contribute to reduced utility expenses.

Furthermore, Atmor’s tankless water heaters have gained recognition for their exceptional durability and extended lifespan that guarantee dependable performance for an extended period. By prioritizing efficiency and innovation, Atmor has solidified its position as a premier supplier of top-notch tankless water heaters.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive Atmor tankless review.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Atmor Tankless Review

Atmor Tankless review

You can consider these factors while choosing Atmor tankless review:

Flow Rate And Water Pressure

Assess the specific flow rate and water pressure necessary to fulfill your household’s hot water requirements. Atmor provides a variety of models with varying flow rates that enable you to select the one that can effectively cater to your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Seek out an energy-efficient Atmor tankless water heater. Examine features promoting energy conservation, such as modulating burners or smart controls that optimize energy usage and reduce utility costs.

Installation And Maintenance

Consider the installation prerequisites & intricacy of the unit. Ensure you are at ease with the installation procedure, or consider engaging a professional if necessary. Moreover, evaluate the maintenance demands and determine if the unit incorporates user-friendly features for effortless upkeep.

Price And Warranty

Conduct a price comparison among various Atmor tankless water heaters and assess their cost-effectiveness. Consider the initial purchase price & the potential long-term energy savings they can provide. Additionally, review the warranty supplied by Atmor to ensure it offers sufficient coverage for potential repairs or replacements.

Customer Support

Evaluate the caliber of customer support extended by Atmor. Seek out readily available and responsive customer service channels that can effectively address any queries or concerns that may arise during the lifespan of your tankless water heater.

Comparison Of Top Atmor Tankless Review


ATMOR-910-24TP Digital Thermostatic Water Heater4.6 gallons capacity, Requires three 40 amp double pole breakers, Battery powered sourceCHECK PRICE3.0  / 5
ATMOR 8.5 kW Electric Tankless WaterCorded electric power source, 7-year leakage-free warranty, 2-year warranty on partsCHECK PRICE2.9  / 5
ATMOR AT-900-08 Tankless Water HeaterDesigned for a single/ double sink, Instant and endless hot water on demand, 1.23 gallons capacityCHECK PRICE3.6  / 5
ATMOR 6 kW Electric Tankless Water HeaterPerfect for areas with warm to hot climates, 6 gallons capacity, Corded electric power sourceCHECK PRICE3.7  / 5
ATMOR AT-905-14TB ThermoBoost Water Heater2.3 gallons, Can be used as a booster in line with preheated water, Corded electric and Natural gas power sourceCHECK PRICE3.3  / 5

1. ATMOR-910-24TP Digital Thermostatic Water Heater


  • 4.6 gallons capacity
  • Requires three 40 amp double pole breakers
  • Battery powered source
  • 7 years warranty against leakage
  • 2 years warranty for parts
  • Great performance
  • Offers consistent temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Not durable

Introducing the ATMOR-910-24TP water heater, a game-changer in the water heating industry. This innovative device employs self-modulating technology to deliver an endless hot water supply, eliminating waiting times. What sets it apart is its cutting-edge mechanism that efficiently controls the energy consumption necessary for heating the water.

The ATMOR-910-24TP offers significant energy bill savings and reduces water consumption. With its user-friendly digital panel, you have complete control over the water heater that makes precise temperature adjustments to the exact degree. It ensures the ideal water temperature tailored to your preferences.

With its compact and space-efficient design, the ATMOR-910-24TP water heater eliminates the need for venting and can be conveniently installed anywhere within your home or garage.

Its interior assembly is made of robust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It enhances heating efficiency, ensures a longer lifespan, and delivers reliable performance over an extended period.

2. ATMOR 8.5 kW Electric Tankless Water


  • Corded electric power source
  • 7-year leakage-free warranty
  • 2-year warranty on parts
  • Compact design
  • 8500 watts
  • Great water heater
  • Reliable device
  • Easy installation
  • Not durable

Discover the ultimate solution you’ve been searching for with the ATMOR Enjoy Series 8.5 kW water heater. This remarkable appliance offers both efficiency and convenience, providing an uninterrupted hot water flow when needed. It is specifically designed for your shower needs.

Experience the all-inclusive shower system of the ATMOR Enjoy Series 8.5 kW. This comprehensive package includes the water heater, hose, handheld shower, rise rail, and a soap dish that ensures a hassle-free setup.

Delight in a constant stream of hot water at your convenience without the need to wait or worry about running out. With this shower system, uninterrupted hot water is always at your fingertips.

ATMOR Enjoy Series 8.5 kW has a sleek and contemporary design that effortlessly mounts on your shower wall, providing a seamless installation experience. It has an installation wire that connects the electrical components.

ATMOR Enjoy Series 8.5 kW is ready to deliver a continuous hot water supply within seconds, ensuring your comfort and convenience without delay.

3. ATMOR AT-900-08 Tankless Water Heater


  • Designed for a single/ double sink
  • Instant and endless hot water on demand
  • 1.23 gallons capacity
  • Corded electric power source
  • Good for sink, shower, and washer
  • Perfect for a lake house
  • Easy to install
  • Not durable

Discover the ideal water heating solution you’ve been seeking with the ATMOR AT-900-08. Say goodbye to waiting and the concern of running out of hot water, as this efficient unit provides an endless flow of hot water.

You can enjoy the continuous availability of hot water whenever you desire. Specifically designed for a single or double sink, this unit is tailored to meet your specific needs.

The ATMOR AT-900-08 is a versatile water-heating solution for residential and commercial applications. Its compact size allows for flexible installation, either discreetly under the sink or conveniently near the point of use against the wall.

If you require a consistent hot water supply for your sink, the ATMOR AT-900-08 is an excellent choice. It proves particularly useful when your existing water heater lacks the power to supply hot water to your sink and other appliances simultaneously.

Experience the performance of the ATMOR AT-900-08, which ensures a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) when the temperature increase does not exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. ATMOR 6 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater


  • Perfect for areas with warm to hot climates
  • 6 gallons capacity
  • Corded electric power source
  • 7-year leakage-free warranty
  • 2-year warranty for parts
  • Excellent product
  • Great for outside shower
  • Easy to install
  • Not durable

The ATMOR 6 kW water heater is the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience. It provides an uninterrupted and limitless hot water supply for your shower precisely when needed.

Indulge in the all-inclusive shower system offered by the ATMOR 6 kW water heater. This comprehensive package boasts a water heater, hose, handheld shower, rise rail, and soap dish, providing everything necessary for a complete showering experience.

With its sleek and contemporary design, the ATMOR 6 kW water heater effortlessly installs onto your shower wall. It is equipped with a convenient installation wire and connects the electrical components easily.

The ATMOR 6 kW water heater delivers a consistent stream of hot water within seconds, guaranteeing comfort and convenience without unnecessary delays.

5. ATMOR AT-905-14TB ThermoBoost Water Heater


  • 2.3 gallons
  • You can use it as a booster in line with preheated water
  • Corded electric, Natural gas power source
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing hot water
  • Good quality
  • Reasonable
  • Doesn’t last for longer periods

ATMOR AT-905-14TB water heaters transform the landscape of hot water systems through innovative self-modulating technology. You’ll experience the freedom of unlimited hot water precisely when you require it, all without the inconvenience of waiting.

With its automatic activation upon sensing water flow and seamless shut-off when water flow ceases, ATMOR AT-905-14TB enhances convenience and significantly reduces water consumption, effectively eliminating waste and lowering costs.

ATMOR AT-905-14TB has an advanced thermostat technology that efficiently regulates the energy needed to heat the water. This intelligent system results in significant savings on your energy bill.

With its user-friendly digital panel, you have complete control over the unit, allowing you to set and maintain the perfect water temperature easily. It ensures optimal comfort every time.

The digital technology also allows you to use ATMOR AT-905-14TB as a booster in line with pre-heated water to help fill a void when hot water is needed.

The compact, space-saving design requires no venting and allows you to install it anywhere inside your home or garage. This unit is specifically designed for a full bathroom.

Atmor Tankless Review: Comparing Atmor With Other Tankless Water Heater Brands

Here’s a brief comparison of Atmor with other tankless water heater brands:

Atmor Vs EcoSmart

Atmor and EcoSmart provide digital temperature control with precision adjustments in 1-degree increments. They exhibit sleek and well-thought-out designs, boasting slim profiles.

The EcoSmart water heater requires a brief warm-up before reaching the desired temperature. Unlike the instantaneous hot water provided by Atmor, EcoSmart’s heating mechanism can achieve hot water in as little as 30 seconds.

EcoSmart is a direct competitor to Atmor, offering a compelling option for individuals seeking an upgrade with enhanced features, albeit at a slightly higher price range.

For those looking to transition from Atmor to a brand that offers a wider array of functionalities, EcoSmart may serve as the natural progression.

Atmor Vs Rinnai

Rinnai proudly positions itself as the leading brand in North America. Still, it also takes pride in being the first prominent tankless water heater brand to manufacture in the United States. 

Rinnai offers a selection of water heaters categorized into three series: High Efficiency, Super High Efficiency, and Tank/Tankless hybrid models. In contrast to Atmor’s electric tankless water heaters, Rinnai water heaters use gas as their energy source. 

Rinnai’s tankless water heaters are renowned for their exceptional durability, with an expected lifespan of up to 20 years. Each unit has a warranty period ranging from 10 to 12 years.

Additionally, Rinnai stands out with indoor and outdoor heater options available across nearly all their models. As such, Rinnai aligns more closely as a competitor to Rheem than Atmor.

Atmor Vs Rheem

Rheem is widely regarded as a dependable and reputable mid-level brand in the water heater industry.

With a history of over 100 years, Rheem is known for manufacturing durable and reliable water heaters. This reputation is further bolstered by Rheem’s confidence in their products, as evidenced by the generous 12-year warranty they provide.

Firstly, Rheem ensures easy access to replacement parts if repairs are required. Secondly, Rheem boasts an impressive average lifespan of 20-25 years for its water heaters, further establishing its durability and longevity.

While Atmor water heaters can achieve a long lifespan through appropriate usage and maintenance, the combination of Atmor’s affordable price point and the challenges of sourcing replacement parts imply that Rheem emerges as the superior brand.

Atmor Tankless Review: Installation Tips And Tricks

Here are the valuable tips and tricks for installing and maintaining an Atmor tankless water heater:

  • While you might possess the necessary skills to install the water heater yourself, hiring a licensed professional is required.
  • Installing a Pressure Relief Device is an essential and obligatory component for ensuring proper functionality.
  • Ensuring the proper water heater installation is of utmost importance, preferably by a licensed electrician. Adherence to this requirement will result in a void warranty.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Atmor Tankless Review

1. What is the warranty on Atmor tankless water heaters?

The warranty for Atmor tankless water heaters covers 2 years from purchase, ensuring protection against any defects. Additionally, a specific warranty guarantees freedom from leakage for 7 years from the date of buying.

2. What are the disadvantages of a tankless heater?

Here are the disadvantages of a tankless water heater:
– It takes time to hot water
– High installation cost
– Not consistent temperature

3. Is it worth to get a tankless water heater?

For numerous individuals, the enduring advantages of tankless water heaters outweigh their initial cost. These innovative heaters can deliver up to 34% greater efficiency than traditional water heaters. Such enhanced efficiency can result in annual savings of over $100, contingent upon the specific type and size of the heater.

Conclusion: Atmor Tankless Review

Atmor tankless water heaters offer a range of efficient and convenient solutions for hot water needs. With their self-modulating technology, they provide unlimited hot water without waiting.

The advanced thermostat technology ensures energy efficiency and significant savings on energy bills. Atmor water heaters have user-friendly features such as digital temperature control, compact designs, and easy installation.

While they may have a budget-friendly price point, sourcing replacement parts may be more challenging than other brands. Nonetheless, Atmor water heaters can still provide long-lasting performance with proper maintenance.

I hope today’s article on Atmor tankless review sounds helpful!

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