Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle – 5000 PPB


Infuse your water with potent hydrogen antioxidants using cutting-edge electrolysis technology. No filter changes needed. Enjoy pure, energizing, hydrogen-enriched water anytime, anywhere – adaptable with standard bottles. Stay refreshed and reap over 150 health benefits on the go.


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Drinking hydrogen-enriched water has been shown to:

• Elevate Energy Levels
• Amplify Athletic Abilities
• Aid in Weight Management
• Promote Clearer Skin & Robust Joints
• Alleviate Symptoms of Persistent Ailments

Leveraging cutting-edge SPE & PEM techniques and features platinum-coated titanium filters that produce over 5000 PPB of molecular hydrogen.

Simply put, there’s no need for filter replacements. Relish in a continuous stream of pure, velvety hydrogen-boosted water whenever and wherever you wish.

No need for doctor’s prescriptions. No Tablets. No Additives. No Harsh Chemicals. Zero Adverse Reactions.*

Limitless Hydrogen Water
Indulge in pure, velvety hydrogen-augmented water on-demand.

Eliminates Detrimental Compounds
Ozone and chlorine are effectively expelled through the vent system.

Maintenance-Free Experience
Skip the hassle of replacements and embrace a hydrogen-filled lifestyle with ease.

Electrolysis Innovation
A single button-press activates the electrolysis, producing hydrogen and eliminating ozone and chlorine, delivering a refreshing bottle of hydrogen-augmented water.

How does it function?
The hydrogen-producing mechanism segregates H2O molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.

This action creates an immediate effervescence in the water. It resembles sparkling water but comes packed with over 150 health advantages due to hydrogen! Adaptable with Most Standard Water Bottles


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Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle – 5000 PPB
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