Berkey vs. Propur: Exploring the Differences and Similarities in Water Filtration

Clean and safe drinking water is a top priority in today’s world. With so many water filtration systems available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Berkey and Propur are two well-known brands that frequently arise in conversations about water filtration. 

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between Berkey and Propur water filters. Both brands have established themselves as reputable and offer gravity-fed water filtration systems that eliminate a broad spectrum of contaminants. 

If you prioritize the quality of your drinking water, read on to learn everything about Berkey vs. Propur.

Berkey vs. Propur: How Reliable Is It?

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Comparison Of Berkey vs. Propur

Key FeaturesBerkeyPropur
Removal of Contaminants232 contaminants275 contaminants
Storage Capacity2.25 gallons2.75 gallons
Filter Lifespan3,000 gal./ cartridge1,200 gal./ cartridge
PortabilityLess portable than PropurMore portable than Berkey
DurabilityMore durable than PropurLess durable than Berkey
NSF CertifiedNoYes
CostCostly than PropurAffordable than Berkey

Berkey vs. Propur: Introduction

Berkey vs. Propur

Berkey and Propur utilize gravity filtration systems but employ distinct approaches in their filtration methods. Berkey and Propur use an upper chamber with purification elements on top of a lower chamber. The purification elements filter unwanted particles from the water and send them to the lower chamber for you to drink.

Since these systems operate without electricity, they offer the flexibility to be used at home and in various outdoor settings, such as ballfields or campgrounds.

Berkey and Propur have gained popularity as reputable options due to their effective removal of diverse contaminants. By comparing these brands, the US audience can make well-informed decisions, considering crucial factors such as filtration performance, filter lifespan, maintenance requirements, cost, and overall suitability for their unique needs.

For the US audience, comparing Berkey and Propur is of utmost importance, given the significant value placed on ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water. With growing concerns about water contamination, pollutants, and the overall quality of tap water, it is imperative to prioritize the investment in a dependable water filtration system.

Berkey vs. Propur: Overview Of Berkey And Propur

Berkey provides a selection of gravity-fed filters made from stainless steel, encompassing models such as the Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, and Travel Berkey.

These filtration systems employ a combination of carbon filters and exclusive filter elements to eliminate a wide range of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, and sediment. 

Berkey filters have established a reputation for their extended lifespan, durability, and capacity to purify untreated water from lakes, rivers, and stagnant ponds.

In contrast, Propur presents a diverse range of gravity-fed water filtration systems incorporating advanced filter technology. Propur filters are crafted using carbon-based media, ceramic materials, and other exclusive filter elements.

Propur filters have a comprehensive purification feature that eliminates contaminants, including chlorine, lead, fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and bacteria. Propur systems are offered in a range of sizes, such as the Propur Big and Propur Traveler, ensuring they can meet the diverse needs of households.

Berkey vs. Propur: Key Parameters For Comparison

Here are the key parameters for Berkey vs. Propur:


When equipped with the suggested 2 Black Berkey elements, a Big Berkey filter can purify water with 3.5 gallons per hour flow rate. However, it’s important to note that the flow rate will diminish as the water level decreases. If you wish to ensure a more efficient filtration process, refill the unit with water periodically.

On the other hand, the Propur Gravity Filter System takes around 6 to 7 hours to generate approximately 3 gallons of purified water when using a single G2.0 filter. This timeframe is more than three times longer than the Black Berkey elements. Like Big Berkey, you can add an extra filter to enhance filtration.


Both Berkey filters and Propur filters are marketed as effective solutions for eliminating a wide variety of over 200 contaminants from water. Propur filters remove 275 contaminants from the water, whereas, Berkey filters remove 232 contaminants.

The Propur system has obtained official NSF certification for its ability to enhance aesthetic effects, indicating its compliance with recognized quality standards. In contrast, Berkey’s filters undergo independent testing to validate their performance and reliability.


For a set of 2 Black Berkey elements, the approximate cost is $165. These filters offer water filtration for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years, depending on daily water consumption. However, it’s important to note that you must also purchase a compatible filtration system to utilize these filters.

The Big Berkey is the most widely favored among Berkey water filter systems. This system has a capacity of 2.25 gallons and is priced at just under $400, which includes the initial provision of 2 Black Berkey filters.

The initial investment for two Propur filter elements typically ranges between $130 and $160, depending on the selected size. The 5-inch filter fits in the Traveler and Scout units, while the 7-inch filter is compatible with the Big units.

Propur offers multiple water systems that utilize the Propur filter elements, with the Propur Big being the preferred choice among users. The Propur Big filtration system has a capacity of 2.75 gallons and is priced at just under $300.

Filter Lifespan

A pack of 2 Black Berkey Elements can last around 6,000 gallons of water. Estimating a specific timeframe is challenging since it depends on individual water usage and how frequently the filter is refilled. If your daily filtered water consumption is less than 5 gallons, the longevity of the elements gets extended.

A pair of Propur filters typically have a lifespan of approximately 12 months, whereas three filters can last up to 18 months. However, Propur filters are constructed with ceramic material, which theoretically has an indefinite lifespan.

While Berkey filters technically have a longer lifespan, both Berkey and ProOne filters offer cost-effective solutions for providing clean water. Considering the low long-term cost and the reliable performance of both filters, it is difficult to determine a clear winner in terms of lifespan.


Propur water filters come with a one-year warranty. Whereas Black Berkey elements have a 2-year warranty, its parts come with a lifetime warranty.

Berkey vs. Propur: Features

Here are the features of Berkey vs. Propur:

Berkey features

  • Removes 232 contaminants
  • 2.25 gallons storage capacity
  • 3,000 gal./ cartridge filter lifespan
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to clean
  • Portable

Propur features

  • Removes 275 contaminants
  • 2.75 gallons storage capacity
  • 1,200 gallons/ filter lifespan
  • 1-year warranty
  • NSF certified
  • Affordable
  • Portable

Berkey vs. Propur: Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Berkey water filters: 

  • Berkey removes 232 contaminants
  • 6000 gallons filter lifespan
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Build with stainless steel
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Simple to clean
  • Portable
  • Not NSF certified

Here are the pros and cons of Propur water filters:

  • Propur removes 275 contaminants
  • 1,200 gallons filter lifespan
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • NSF certified
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Not durable

Berkey Vs Propur: Real-Life Customer Testimonials

Here are the customer reviews of Berkey vs. Propur: 


Dee B. said, “We love the Big Berkey! The taste is great, and the size is perfect for our family. We also want to highlight the excellent customer service.”

Lois T. said, “I purchased this system for my converted van I live and adventure in. I am pleased with how easy the setup was for this system and the peace of mind knowing I am providing safe drinking water wherever I am.”


Lauren said, “Water tastes so clean! My husband would not ditch bottled water until we bought this. Easy to assemble and use! I would highly recommend it!”

Leila Hayashida said, “Best filter I ever had. The water is clean and tastes like pure water. Strongly recommended!”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Berkey vs. Propur

1. Is Propur as good as Berkey?

Propur filters can eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses and 99.999% of bacteria. On the other hand, Berkey filters excel by removing 99.999% of viruses and an impressive 99.9999999% of pathogenic bacteria.

2. Is Propur NSF certified?

Yes, Propur is NSF certified.

3. Is ProOne the same as Propur?

Yes, ProOne is the same as Propur. It is just another name for Propur.

Conclusion: Berkey Vs Propur

Berkey consistently achieves remarkable outcomes, satisfying clients with the quality of their filtered water, which has contributed significantly to promoting Berkey water filtration systems. The standout aspect of Berkey filters is their reliability. They effectively eliminate unwanted impurities from water while retaining essential minerals necessary for the body’s well-being.

Despite operating with a comparatively smaller marketing budget, Propur makes a lasting impression with its cost-effective and comprehensive filtration solutions. The Propur filter is an excellent choice for purifying untreated surface water, such as water from lakes or streams, with its reliable ceramic media known for its bacteria removal capabilities.

Propur can be considered a more affordable alternative to Berkey, offering the advantage of removing a broader range of contaminants. Additionally, Propur holds an official NSF certification for its ability to enhance the taste & smell of water.

Selecting a definitive winner between Berkey and Propur is challenging due to the widespread popularity of both filters. Berkey holds an advantage in brand recognition and the abundance of customer feedback, giving it a slight edge. However, Propur emerges as the preferred choice.

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