13 Best Water Test Kit To Monitor Your Well Water

13 Best Water Test Kit

For a healthy lifestyle, having access to clean and safe drinking water is crucial. If you rely on well water, it’s vital to test it regularly to ensure it’s free of harmful contaminants. Though many different water test kits are available, how do you know exactly which is the best water test kit for your well water? In this post, I’ll guide you through the 13 best water test kits and how to choose the right one for your needs.

13 Best Water Test Kits In The Market


SimpleLab Tap Score 
Material : Paper and PlasticItem Weight: 1.13 ouncesEasy to use


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Safe Home Ultimate Drinking Water Test Kit
Material Feature: OrganicUnit Count: 1.0 CountSurface Recommendation: Metal       


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Tap Score Advanced City Water Test
Item Weight: 10  ounces More than 100 contaminant stripsAccurate results


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National Testing Laboratories Water Test Kit
Test kits for both well water and city waterDimensions: 8x4x4Weight: 2 lb


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Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit
Item Weight: 1.65 ouncesEPA Level Lead DetectionPrecise, accurate results


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Hach Total Hardness Test Strips
10 Minute test kitPrecise, accurate results


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Health Metric Heavy Metals Test Kit
Material: CopperItem Weight: 0.04 PoundsHighly Sensitive       


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Test Assured Drinking Water Test Kit
Item Weight: 1.58 ounces10 Minute test kitBacked by a 100% satisfaction guarantee


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JNW Direct Water Hardness Test Strips
Quick & AccurateItem Weight: 1.12  ounces Includes 150 strips


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 SJ Wave 16 in 1 Water Test Kit
Item Weight:5.93 OuncesEasy to useFat Result


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Health Metric Well Water Test Kit
Accurate results Item Weight: 0.03 PoundsHighly Sensitive


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Safe Home Lead Drinking Water Test Kit
Material: Paper & PlasticItem Weight: 1.13 ouncesQuick Results


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PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit 
Material: PlasticItem Weight: ‎0.01 ouncesEasy to Use


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Why is it Essential to Test the Quality of Water?

It’s crucial to periodically test your well water to ensure it’s safe to drink. Well water can be contaminated with pollutants that cannot be detected. These contaminants can pose serious health risks, like gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), among other agencies, set exposure standards or safe limits for chemical contaminants in drinking water.

13 Best Water Test Kit

Testing your well water can help you identify potential problems and take necessary steps to correct them. I recommend you test your well water every 6 months to check for bacteria, nitrates, and other harmful contaminants.

Testing your well water can also help you choose the best water treatment system for your specific needs. Depending on your location and the composition of your well water, you may require different types of treatment systems, such as filtration, reverse osmosis, or distillation. 

By testing your well water, you can determine the contaminants present and select the most effective treatment system to remove them.

What Contaminants Should Well Water Be Tested For?

Well water is an excellent water source, but it can also contain many contaminants that can harm health. Before purchasing a water test kit, knowing what contaminants to test for in well water is essential. This can vary depending on the location, but some common pollutants include bacteria, nitrates, lead, arsenic, and pesticides.

Bacteria can cause illness and come from various sources, including animal waste, septic systems, and other human activities that can contaminate the water supply. Nitrates, which come from fertilizer and animal waste, can harm infants and pregnant women. 

Natural substances like lead and arsenic, which are especially harmful to teens and young adults, can have significant health effects. Pesticides can also harm health and come from agricultural activities or other sources.

Testing for these and other contaminants in well water is essential to ensure the water is safe to drink and use. A water test kit will test for a range of contaminants, including those mentioned above, and will provide detailed information on the quality of the water. 

This will help homeowners to make informed decisions about how to treat their well water to ensure that it is safe for their family to use.

13 Best Water Test Kit for Your Well Water

The following are the top 13 best water test kits that are simple to use, accurate, and can detect some of the most prevalent contaminants nationally.

1. SimpleLab Tap Score

The SimpleLab Tap Score water test kit is a convenient and reliable option for testing the quality of your drinking water at home. This kit is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable results that can help people make informed decisions about the safety of their water.

13 Best Water Test Kit

The Tap Score water test kit includes clear instructions, sample collection vials, a prepaid shipping label, and an in-depth report on the test’s findings. Results are typically available within 5 days, and users can view their results online or receive a detailed report in the mail.

The report includes detailed information on the contaminants found in the water, their potential health effects, and recommendations for treatment options.

One of the benefits of the test kit is its flexibility. You can choose from various testing options depending on your needs, including a basic analysis for common contaminants or a more comprehensive test that covers a broader range of potential contaminants.

This testing kit is ideal for people who want to ensure their drinking water is safe and free from harmful contaminants. It can benefit homeowners with well water or those living in areas with high pollution or other environmental concerns. By using the SimpleLab Tap Score, people can have peace of mind knowing their water is safe and healthy to drink.

  • SimpleLab Tap Score offers a detailed analysis of your tap water
  • The testing kit is simple to use, and the instructions are clear. 
  • After testing, Tap Score provides personalized recommendations to improve the quality of your water, including treatment options and filtration systems.
  • SimpleLab Tap Score is an expensive product.
  • The kit is for one-time use, so you’ll have to buy new kits whenever you want to test your water.


2. Safe Home Ultimate Drinking Water Test Kit

Safe Home Ultimate Drinking Water Test Kit will address any worries you may have about the potential contaminants in your water. 

It not only undergoes screening for the primary contaminants present in drinking water, including arsenic, lead, coliform bacteria, and chlorine, but it can also submit to a reputable lab to ensure reliable results. 

13 Best Water Test Kit

The Safe Home Ultimate Drinking Water Test Kit is EPA-certified and offers quick results in less than one week. The added benefit of this kit is that the cost of delivering your sample to the lab is already included in the purchase price. 

Although the kit is a little more expensive than some of the other tests on the list, the quality of the screening it offers is unmatched if you have serious worries about your water. The laboratory will also provide solutions for filters and other products to enhance the safety of your tap water, along with the results.

  • Tests for 200+ contaminants
  • Easy to use
  • Provides accurate results
  • You don’t get instant results



3. Tap Score Advanced City Water Test

Tap Score Advanced City Water Test kit is made specifically for people using city water systems as their primary water source. This kit allows you to test water for more than 100 pollutants frequently seen in city water. 

13 Best Water Test Kit

You can use this kit to evaluate the results and determine the water quality, or you can mail your samples to one of a network of EPA-approved labs to receive your results in less than five days. The results are quantified, letting you know exactly how much of one or more pollutants may be in your drinking water.

The kit also includes direct suggestions on handling any water concerns you may have seen on your screen. The manufacturer will guide you on using your water to keep your family safe, even though they are not associated with a water treatment business.

  • More than 100 contaminant strips
  • Accurate results
  • Personalized Solutions
  • The Tap Score Advanced City Water Test is a detailed test that examines various contaminants, but it can’t detect a few, such as lead. This is a widespread issue in older homes with lead pipes. If you want to check for lead, you must buy a separate test.
  • You won’t get immediate result



4. National Testing Laboratories Water Test Kit

National Testing Laboratories offers various test kits for both well water and city water. The cost of a kit varies by the number of contaminants it tests for. The cheapest kit, which costs around $170, checks for 32 contaminants, while the most expensive kit, which costs around $290, checks for an astounding 115 contaminants.

13 Best Water Test Kit

The kit includes a variety of tests that measure the levels of contaminants, such as bacteria, lead, arsenic, nitrates, and more. One significant advantage of this test Kit is its versatility. It is suitable for testing water from different sources, including well water, municipal water supplies, and bottled water.

Another advantage of this water testing kit is its convenience. The kit comes with clear instructions that make it easy to use, even for those without experience in water testing. The tests can complete quickly, and the results are available within a matter of days.

The test results are displayed in an easy-to-read report showing water quality. If you’re unsure of what you need to test for in your water, National Testing Laboratories has a quiz-style page where you can choose options based on whether you have well or city water, then add-ons based on your primary concerns (color, flavor, germs, Etc.).

  • Tests for particular contaminants, such as uranium and slime bacteria, which are hard to find elsewhere
  • Options for testing for a broad range of pollutants or singular particulates, depending on requirements
  • Handy quiz-style selection page for those who don’t know what they want
  • Expensive



5. Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit

Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit is a simple and affordable solution for homeowners who want to ensure their tap water is contaminant-free. The kit comes with several test strips that can detect the presence of various substances such as bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, and chlorine.

13 Best Water Test Kit

The kit is easy to use and has instructions that guide the user through the testing process. The testing process typically involves collecting a water sample from the tap and then testing it using the provided test strips or vials. The results are generally available within minutes, and the kit offers a color-coded chart to help users interpret the results.

The strip’s color will change, indicating the level of each contaminant present in the water. 

The kit also includes a helpful chart showing each contaminant’s acceptable levels to determine if your water is safe to drink.

One of the main benefits of the Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit is its affordability. It is much cheaper than hiring a professional to test your water, and it can give you peace of mind knowing the water you consume is clean. 

It is also an excellent tool for people who live in areas with a high risk of water contamination, such as those near agricultural fields or industrial sites.

  • Easy to use
  • Precise, accurate results – especially for lead
  • Tests for common contaminants
  • It can’t be reused
  • Some customers had issues with the accuracy



6. Hach Total Hardness Test Strips

Hach Total Hardness Test Strips are water testing strips used to determine the hardness level in a water sample. The kit comes in a pack of 50 strips and is easy to use. Simply dip the strip into the sample water and wait for the colors to change. The color chart provided with the kit can use to determine the water’s hardness based on the color change. 

These test strips can use in various industries and individuals, including homeowners, water treatment professionals, and businesses that rely on consistent water quality, such as breweries and restaurants. 

The advantage of using Hach Total Hardness Test Strips is that they are easy to use and provide quick results. They are also inexpensive compared to other testing methods, such as laboratory testing.

For instance, if a homeowner notices that their water is leaving stains on dishes or has a strange taste or odor, they can use the Hach Total Hardness Test Strips to determine if the water is hard. If the test results indicate high hardness levels, the homeowner may choose to install a water softener or filter to improve their water quality.

  • It gives a clear indication of water hardness
  • Most users feel the test was accurate
  • Provides immediate results
  • The kit is not suitable for complex water analysis. They only measure the total hardness of water and cannot provide information on other important parameters such as pH, alkalinity, or conductivity. 



7. Health Metric Heavy Metals Test Kit

Many people in the U.S. continue to worry about lead in the water. It is a silent threat in small doses since you cannot see, smell, or taste it. Other metals like copper and mercury can also enter your water supply systems and might be difficult to distinguish once they reach your tap. 

13 Best Water Test Kit

Using the Health Metric Heavy Metals Test Kit is a simple approach to eliminating the risk of heavy metals in your drinking water. It is also an easy way to ensure that no heavy metals are in your drinking water.

The kit takes only 15 minutes to complete and checks for lead, mercury, copper, and iron. Even though the test kit comes with a lead test, you can also test twice for the other three metals and get reliable results. 

The lead test features a simple pass/fail display that makes it easy to understand the results. The test’s pass/fail mechanism will be activated when the EPA limit of 15 ppb reaches in drinking water.

If you’re looking for immediate responses, the Health Metric Heavy Metals test can give you confidence in only 15 minutes, and if you find that you don’t pass the lead test, it will allow you to move on to have a more thorough analysis done. 

  • Easy to use
  • Quick results
  • Accurate Result
  • It does not provide additional water testing for pollutants



8. Test Assured Drinking Water Test Kit

The Test Assured Drinking Water Test Kit is a product that allows individuals to test the quality of their drinking water at home. It detects various contaminants that could be present in the water, such as bacteria, lead, pesticides, and more.

The kit typically includes test strips or vials, along with instructions to use Users can collect a sample of their drinking water and then use the test strips or vials to check for contaminants. The results are usually available within a few minutes, and some kits may also include a color chart or other tools to help interpret the results.

One of the benefits of using the Test Assured Drinking Water Test Kit is that it is a cost-effective solution to ensure the safety of drinking water. Rather than paying for expensive water testing services, individuals can use this kit to get accurate results at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reusable TDS meter included
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Generates results within minutes
  • Some customers found the lead tests to be inaccurate
  • Significantly simplified – doesn’t offer a complete breakdown


9. JNW Direct Water Hardness Test Strips

Water quality is crucial for the durability of your dependable dishwashers and water heaters. Hard water can reduce these appliances’ output by shortening their lifespan and costing you money.

A quick and simple approach to determine whether you have hard water is to use the JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Strips. The kit contains 150 strips, making it simple to do many tests and adding value to the already reasonable pricing. 

Results are visible in only five minutes, and comprehending them is as simple as comparing the color of your strip to the handy color-coded key. Determining that you have hard water can give you an idea and a place to start, even if it is less precise than a kit sent to a lab.

  • Quick results
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses 
  • The color-code strip can be perplexing.
  • Not as precise as a test done in a lab



10. SJ Wave 16 in 1 Water Test Kit

The SJ Wave 16 in 1 Water Test Kit is a comprehensive kit that allows you to test for various parameters in your water. The kit includes 16 tests covering everything from pH and chlorine to hardness, iron, and copper. The kit is easy to use and can give you precise results in a matter of minutes.

One of the advantages of the SJ Wave 16 in-1 Water Test Kit is its versatility. Whether you are testing the water in your swimming pool, spa, or tap water at home, this kit has you covered. The tests also provide accurate results, which can be critical in determining the quality of your water.

Another benefit of the SJ Wave 16 in 1 Water Test Kit is that it can help you identify potential problems with your water. 

For example, if your water has high levels of iron or copper, this could indicate issues with your pipes or other plumbing fixtures. With this information, you can take the necessary steps to address the problem and improve the quality of your water.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Fast Results
  • Designed for one-time use only.



11. Health Metric Well Water Test Kit

If you use well water, it is necessary to remember that bacteria, nitrites, nitrates, and hydrogen sulfide can quickly impact your water quality. 

The Health Metric Well Water Test Kit covers everything to ensure your water is up to par. In addition to testing for various bacteria, nitrites, nitrates, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, it offers insights into the alkalinity and hardness of the water.

The kit is simple to use and promises instant, laboratory-quality results. You can better understand the state of your water in as little as five minutes.

  • Affordable
  • Precise results
  • Fast results 
  • It employs a color-code strip to validate results, which can be confusing.



12. Safe Home Lead Drinking Water Test Kit

A Safe Home Lead Drinking Water Test Kit is a DIY testing kit designed to measure the amount of lead in residential drinking water. This kit is easy to use and provides accurate results within minutes.

The test kit is beneficial for families with young children, pregnant women, and individuals who are more susceptible to the harmful effects of lead. It is also helpful for people living in older homes or areas concerned about lead contamination in the water supply.

One of the benefits of using a Safe Home Lead Drinking Water Test Kit is that it can help you identify if your drinking water contains unsafe lead levels. The test results are reliable and accurate, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified the kit. If the test result shows that the lead levels in your water exceed the EPA’s safety standards, you may need to take steps to reduce your exposure to lead. 

This could include installing a water filtration system or replacing old plumbing fixtures that may be leaching lead. 

  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Results
  • Cost-Effective
  • Can only detect lead
  • One-time use



13. PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit

The PurTest Home Drinking Water Test Kit provides homeowners with a quick and easy way to test for different contaminants in their water supply, including bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine, and pH levels.

The kit typically includes test strips or vials that homeowners can use to collect water samples from different areas of their home, such as their kitchen faucet, bathroom sink, or showerhead. The collected samples can test using the provided testing materials, ranging from simple color-coded charts to more sophisticated electronic readers.

One of the key benefits of the kit is that it provides homeowners with peace of mind by enabling them to identify any potential issues with their water supply. 

It is a valuable tool for homeowners who want to ensure the safety and quality of their drinking water. It is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that can help identify and address water quality issues before they become more serious health concerns.

  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Can test for a variety of contaminants
  • Limited shelf life
  • Some users have reported receiving inconclusive results with the test kit


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Water Test Kit

Reliability and accuracy are essential when choosing a water test kit for your well water. You want to ensure that the results you receive are trustworthy and can be used to make important decisions about the safety of your water.

1. Contaminants You Want to Test

Various water testing kits are available that can test for multiple pollutants. While some kits can test for various contaminants, others are to test for specific contaminants, including chlorine, e-coli, pH, nitrates, and other waterborne diseases. 

Determining which pollutants to test for is crucial before picking a water testing kit. This will assist you in selecting a kit that will meet your demands and yield valuable results.

2. Sensitivity of the Kit

Some kits are more sensitive than others and can detect smaller amounts of contaminants. This is especially important if you test for potentially harmful contaminants such as lead or arsenic.

3. Testing Frequency

Consider how frequently you plan to test your water. Choose a kit with many test kits and a long shelf life if you plan to test regularly. Yet also considering the fact that the shelf life of many test kits is about three months, storing up extra supplies is also worthless.

4. Ease of Use 

Look for a kit that comes with clear instructions and is easy to understand and use. Some kits may require you to send a sample to a lab for testing, while others can be done at home with immediate results.

5. Cost and Review

While you want to ensure you get quality, affordable options are available that still provide reliable and accurate results and have positive customer reviews. This can help you better understand the performance and dependability of the kit as a whole. If necessary, get advice from other professionals in the field or speak with an expert to assist you in making a choice.

Choosing the best water test kit for your well water involves considering factors such as the contaminants tested for, sensitivity, ease of use, and cost. By choosing a reliable and accurate water test kit, you can ensure the safety of your drinking water and make informed decisions about any necessary treatments or maintenance.

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I hope you found this article on the 13 best water test kits to monitor your well water informative and helpful. Clean water is essential to our health, and ensuring your well water is free from harmful contaminants is necessary. 

Following my tips in this article, you can choose the best water test kit to ensure your well water is safe for you and your family. Always test your well water frequently and watch for any changes to ensure you have a safe and healthy water supply.


1. How reliable are DIY water test kits?

The accuracy of a water testing kit might vary considerably depending on the manufacturer, test type, and water source. To ensure that the testing kit is as accurate as possible, carefully read the instructions and confirm that the EPA has verified the kit’s accuracy.

2. What components should I check in my water?

Find out which contaminants or illnesses are most prevalent where you live. For instance, pick a hard water testing kit if you are in a region where hardness is an issue. Additionally, you can select a kit based on the water source you plan to test. For instance, if you’re testing pool water, search for a kit that analyzes the concentrations of chlorine, salt, and pH.

3. How often should I test the water?

Check your water for common contaminants like iron, bacteria, and lead every 6 months. If the safety of your water bothers you, consider performing more frequent tests or receiving certified lab results rather than those from a home test. Also, it might be a great idea to have your water tested if there have been any recent changes to your surroundings, like neighboring land development.

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